Kelly's St. John's Wort pages for depression

Who is Kelly?

I am just your average guy trying to save someone from what I went through years ago. I started this site in 1999 to share some good news about beating depression.

Today I'm in my mid 40s, happy, healthy, and happily married with an amazing daughter and great family and friends around me.

Back in my late teens and through much of my 20s I suffered from depression. I don't know why but I felt sad most of the time for no obvious reason. It was like being in dark tunnel with only a glimpse of light at the end. I still remember the really dark days and how bad they were. It was in autumn of 1996 that I finally went to the doctor to prevent me from harming myself and was quickly prescribed the antidepressant Paxil within less than ten minutes of consultation. I was unhappy enough and yes desperate enough to take a drug to solve my problem, something I'd never thought I'd do.

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