Kelly's St. John's Wort pages for depression

Kelly Tried Paxil

For me, Paxil (paroxetine) worked at first but then the side effects kicked in. These were worse than the original depression and in some ways I felt worse than before. Paxil had unexpected sexual side effects I wasn't told about like the inability to orgasm when having sex and that it causes insomnia in some people. I did not enjoy Paxil. There are so many prescription antidepressants now and they all have different side effects. I stopped taking Paxil abruptly after about seven weeks. All of a sudden, my life turned upside down. Things got worse than ever. I didn't know back then that you're supposed to slowly wean off this drug to prevent the withdrawal symptoms. Deep enough into withdrawal from Paxil I sumbled across St. John's Wort which has been a life safer. I like that it's a natural herb derived from a flower and it's just as effective as many prescription antidepressants with fewer side effects that are easier to live with. In 1996 there wasn't much information about it so I started this website and found an audience and have had many millions of visitors!

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