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Wondering if SJW is right for me...

I'm considering taking SJW because I feel like I might suffer from a mild case of depression. I feel like I'm very moody and irritable most of the time. I have a great family, friends and a great husband. I also have a job that I am happy at. Because of all these positive things I don't understand why I'm so irritable and easy to set off. I'm hoping that SJW can help with that.

I'm a little hesitant to take SJW because of some of the side-effects I have read about. In the next year or so my husband and I are going to try and start a family and I've read that taking SJW may affect fertility. Does anyone have anymore insight on this? Also, have read that for some people taking SJW increases irritability?

I went to our local Longs Drugs and purchased a bottle of Radiance St. John's Wort. Each capsule is 300 mg. Has anyone tried this particular brand?

Any feedback here would be much appreciated!



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i think irritability is more relevant to anxiety than to depression. Let alone you mention that you are in good mood.
SjW is recommended for depression and fortunately you don't seem to have any.