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Who, where, sex, age...


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LINDYLOO;8141 said:
Hello Joe/Knifey....glad you replied.....
i'm a big fan of ireland btw! it's on my bucket list :spin: to visit. have you seen the movie 'the wind that shakes the barley' ? anything about ireland makes me drawn to my ancestral roots :rolleyes:
Name: Tony, bloke, aged 46 from Liverpool, England -

loves: sitting in pubs, Music: Beatles, Paul Weller, Steely Dan, the Smiths & a fair bit of prog rock; Kelly's SJW Board, full English breakfast

dislikes: sitting in offices, Music: all boy-bands (apart from Take That); bossy people, intolerance and selfishness of any kind, rice pudding

Beat that! :talkface:


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My name is Robert. I live in the universe, more specifically in Spain. I'm 30 years old.

I like: _good_ music, being vegetarian, Star Trek, Columbo, movies (Pacino, De Niro, Edward Norton), photography, nature, computers (Linux), my girlfriend, peace.

I dislike: like sheephead -> offices and bossy people (I hate them all), the world as it is nowadays.


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Hi, I'm Joe

Hi Lindy et al:

My first long post is in the thread about long-term experiences. I'll be briefer here: I'm a 61-year-old guy who's battled some form of depression for most of my life.

I'm an editor/writer whose avocations are sailing and cross-country skiing (no sailing right now here in Massachusetts--but lots of skiing).

My likes include cooking and eating exotic and spicy foods, classical music (except opera) and travel (which I cannot afford right now). Dislikes include anything associated with the outgoing U.S. administration (sorry to bring politics into this), bossy people, loud people, large noisy powerboats and Jet-Skis.



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Ok so I suppose I will have to elaborate on my stingy introduction....

Im Lindy, from Dublin.

Im 43 years old, I have two kids, and one partner....

Likes: Nights in, beer, romatice movies (love stories) im such a softie, holidays, John Mayer, and dear old Robbie Williams, thats it Im so boring.

dislikes: Liars, been fat, feeling down, having to work and the Irish government at the moment, boy bands, and girls aloud.....(only cause they are skinny and rich)......


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Hey y'all,
Greta. Boston. 32.
Likes: Cats. Chocolate. Bars. Hiking. The GLBT community. Herbal remedies and reading about health issues. 80's rock. Knitting.
Dislikes: Working (all of it so far, working that one out in therapy - lol)
Animal abuse. Late buses.


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knifey;8139 said:
I'm Joe from Adelaide Australia.... and i'm 24
likes: strawberry thickshakes, chinese food, driving too fast, downloading the internet
dislikes: girls who i've dated, people who speed up JUST when an overtaking lane appears, and capsicum.
hi LindyLoo
I am 40 years old - in two weeks, a mom of 3 kids, I live in Minnesota - the land of SADD!
likes - books, spring, summer, and fall, decorating my house, going to school, sometime going sledding with my kids, alternative spirituality stuff, used to love travel before I had kids, and art museums, woodworking, biking, going to the waterpark with my kids
dislikes - being cold, not having enough alone time

My name in Jack, I live in Pennsylvania, USA, Male, 53 YO... I play music and make art (painting) when I can... enjoy gardening, and hiking... been dealing with some form of depression most of my life... it's come to a head in the last couple years...


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Dee from Ireland, 25, female.

Greta7, we share some likes and dislikes! love knitting, buying knitting books online, 80s music, Star Trek, and cats! Also video games, the Pixies, and *guilty pleasure* the Twilight books.

Dislike late buses and cranky bus drivers, untidiness, wet sloppy foods and insects. and of course any form of animal abuse.