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What is my dosage?

Hi guys :smile:

I'm currently using Lamberts SJW. Here are the specifications:

Per tablet:
St Johns Wort 2720mg
(340mg, 8:1 extrakt)
Hypericin 1000?g

I'm am currently still battling the classic initial anxiety which feels like a knife in the chest but will pass in about a week. What i'm wondering is what the dosage of my SJW really is. It's sort of confusing. I've posted the ingredients above. I take on tablet each day, am i taking 340 mg or 2720...? Can someone please explain this and i would be really grateful :smile:

Kind regards


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I looked up this particular brand. It's a tablet, correct? I have only used the kind that comes in a capsule (it's clear, and you can see the ground-up green/greyish-colored St. John's Wort petals inside). (They look like this


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You should be taking three of these tablets per day to reach a clinical dose. It's a standard LI160-style tablet (i.e. 300mg extract, 0.3% hypericin). Each tablet is equivalent to consuming 2.7g of dried herb.