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Twinlab L-Tyrosine


I've been using Twinlab L-Tyrosine for years but the new bottle I just opened shows they have switched to a cheaper type. It used to be a fine powder that dissolved easily and had no taste. Now it has crystal chunks in it, doesn't dissolve well and has a horrible taste. On top of that it doesn't work like it used to.

Would anyone be able to reccomend a brand that comes as either a powder or openable capsule that is higher quality? By that I mean one that doesn't have a taste and is a fine powder without the chunks.

I contacted the company but never got a response. If that changes I'll post their reply here.


I finally got a response from the company. Although they won't admit it, it was apparently a bad batch. I have another bottle from a different run and it's fine. After weeks of back and forth, sending copies of receipts etc I managed a refund for the bad bottle that may arrive sometime before Spring. All that for $10. :p With customer service like that they should go into the cable tv industry.

The only good side to the story is I was forced to try other brands and found a quality one that also happens to be cheaper..
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