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Transition from tea to tablets

Hello! I'm new here. I searched for this topic, but couldn't find it, so figured I'd post.

I started taking SJW as a tea (2 tsp in 8 oz hot water) every morning. The difference to my undiagnosed depression was incredible! I wouldn't believe I was truly depressed until I realized that I was no longer muttering depressive phrases to myself, crying all the time, feeling hopeless, etc. But with my family history it's no surprise - I just couldn't let it be true.

ANYWAY - I love tea but I don't want to be tethered to drinking this...well...sometimes not-so-tasty tea every single morning. So I ordered Eclectic freeze dried 300 mg pills from iHerb, and I took one this morning. And, today I was back to depression - crying uncontrollably, muttering, disconnected from others. Like, it did nothing for me.

My question is this - has anyone had experience with tea in relation to pills?
Here are some other, more specific questions:
- What is the strength of tea vs. freeze drying vs. extraction?
- What does 300 mg mean? How in the world is that measurement supposed to be meaningful with regard to the different preparations? Like, why would 300 mg of dried herb made into a tea have anything to do with 300 mg of powdered freeze dried herb or 300 mg that contains a standardized extraction? Wha..?
- If the pills are weaker, is it possible that I feel NO effect at 1 pill/day, but FULL effect at 2 or 3 per day? What doesn't the effect scale?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

A bit late, but it's an interesting subject.
It's hard to judge how strong your tea is. 2 teaspoons should be roughly 4 grams of dried herb (depending on how full the spoon is and how finely ground the herb is). SJW pills tend to contain 300mg (0.3g) as dry extract, equivalent to ~1500 -2400 mg of herb, but "extracting" with water (ie. brewing tea) is not comparable to e.g. Ethanol 60 - 80% extraction typically used for the pills. Some compounds might only be soluble in alcohol and not water, for example, or they might be unstable in water and quickly evaporate into the air.

This is why good quality SJW is standardized to hypericin or hyperforin, because "300mg of extract" is meaningless on its own. It depends on which compounds were actually extracted in the process. You're not paying for the amount of actual herb (SJW itself is cheap and grows everywhere), but for the consistent extraction and quality.

That said, 300 mg per day is probably not enough. The standard dosage is 300 mg, 3 times a day but you could temporarily try even higher dosages, (up to 1800 mg / day maximum) just to see if it does anything at all. For example, 2 pills in the morning, then 1 at lunch and 1 in the evening. If upping the dose doesn't help, maybe try another brand, such as SC27, Perika or Jarsin/Kira (doesn't seem to be available in the US any more).
Thanks for the detailed answer! This is really an interesting breakdown. I'm taking 2-3 tsp 2 times daily right now (in boiling water, steep for 15 minutes covered) and it's working pretty well, though the tea batches can be uneven still and I'm so sick of tea. I got some of the freeze-dried herb in capsules, but since it's not an extraction, I have no idea how much of the two key compounds are in there. So... I should probably tried the brands you mentioned.

This is a perfect example of why this website needs to keep operating!!!