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Taking 900mg at the same time

I'm on my 3rd day and feeling kinda cloudy. Been taking 300mg w/ every meal but wanted to know people's experience taking all 900mg before breakfast? I've read a lot about people taking 900mg before bed but not in the morning.

I wanted to buy the time release but it's almost double the cost.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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Ive taken the 900 mg time released in the morning before w/ no problems. You might find it is better for you to take it after a meal though so it's not the first thing hitting your stomach. Just a thought. Also, some people notice difference in tiredness depending on the time of day they take it. You've just got to play around with it and see what works best for you. Good luck!
im hearing alot about this Time Release brand, I was wondering if any of you could tell me the total name of the brand so I can do some research as I too, would like to take all at one shot. Thanks!
I have been taking 300mg w/ breakfast and another 600mg before I goto sleep. I have been sleeping very well since I started this pattern. Before I was taking 300mg during every meal but after lunch that 2nd dose would kick my butt and I was making too many mistakes at work. Was kinda funny for awhile, but don't want to lose my job. :D :spin: