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Starting with SJW

I have been feeling really blah here lately; crying unexpectedly, anxiety attacks, just generally not good. I do NOT want to go on an anti-depressant. A doctor gave me a prescription for xanax (the smallest dosage you can get), and I take that from time to time, but I really don't like the fact that I have it. (I'm a middle school English teacher, so I think the reasons for needing some sort of help are pretty obvious, ha!)

My main question is: How long will it take before I start to notice a change?

I went supplement crazy today and got a multi-vitamin, some B-12, flax seed oil, melatonin, and SJW. I'm determined to do this as naturally as possibly. I haven't taken anything yet, but I'm def. going to take some melatonin tonight so I can sleep.

Any information would be great! Thanks~


I've been taking SJW for the past 4 months now. It started working within two weeks at least, and it's made quite a difference in my life. I've always suffered from anxiety, but this past year, I was downright depressed. Nothing excited me anymore, and I would have been perfectly content to stay in my room all day, and I was starting to neglect my job. I, like you, wanted to avoid anti-depressants at all costs, so I did some research and found this site! I was encouraged by everyone's stories, so I bought a large container of SJW and started taking 2-3 pills per day. It's not like I'm on cloud 9 all the time - certainly not. But I don't have the looming gloom in my life, nor do I dwell on issues for a long time. I'm rather indifferent to negative emotions now. SJW has been a tremendous help. Oh, and those anxiety attacks? With the exception of one unusual night, there has been no sign of any to come :) It was a quick help in my life, and I'll continue taking it for a long time.