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starting from my sixth day on SJW, by jonboy (+3 replies)


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July 23, 2003


"early days and flying high" , Wed 23 Jul 16:11 Today is my sixth day of taking SJW and over the last two days I have noticed very powerful effects. I actually think I may have been taking too much. The brand I have are Boots 300mg 'One a Day' each containing 900ug hypericin, but after reading in a few places that the recommended dose is 3x300mg of 0.3% hypericin I figured I should be taking 3 of these a day (my sums were 300mg*0.3%=0.9mg or 900 micrograms, therefore mine are the same concentration - someone please check my maths).

So anyway, after 3 days of taking 3 a day I didn't feel a whole lot different, and getting a bit desperate to relieve my depression I took 4 the next day (ok the box says 'One a Day' in pretty big letters but I'm kind of stupid like that). I had some very intense dreams that night so only took 2 the next day. I had a pretty normal depressing kind of day but on the way home on the tube listening to some music my mind suddenly started soaring - the sort of high I would only expect from recreational drugs. Basically a rush that was brought on by the music and also a very heightened sense of smell, which surprised me as I was expecting a subtle enhancement of my mood rather than a change of perception.

After another 2 today I met a friend for some drinks, felt pretty good and talked a lot more than I mormally would. Luckily I told her about my depression and the fact that I was taking SJW and its possible interactions with alcohol because halfway through my 3rd beer I started to feel extremely high and couldn't stop grinning and laughing for no apparent reason! It was a pleasant if a little intense experience - I stopped drinking because I could see it getting out of hand.

This is certainly a lot stronger than anything I expected from a herbal remedy. I think I will take one a day for now and see how things go. Social drinking is a big part of my social life and I don't want to be rolling around on the floor laughing when everyone else is just getting started! Still, it beats staring at the wall lost in my own depressing thoughts. At least I've established that SJW works, hopefully its just case of getting the dose and probably the timing right. I'd be interested to hear what anyone else thinks of any of this.

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"Re(1):early days and flying high" , Sat 4 Oct 16:32 Nice 1 JonBoy, I'm glad to hear that SJW helped and your feeling better. I started on them this last monday so I've been on them six days now, and I am definately noticing a kind of funny feeling in my head. It's not a very strong feeling and it does remind me like you said in your post of the feeling you get off recreational drugs, I presume you meant E. It's a little like how you feel when you start to come up only nowhere near as intense. I'm taking 2 a day of Nature's Aid's and that works out at 3000 micrograms of hypericin. I wouldn't say I am feeling a lot happier at the moment, but I am definately optimistic and glad that I can feel them doing something. Roll on six weeks when hopefully I'll be skipping down the street and dancing around the house!!

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"Re(1):early days and flying high" , Thu 21 Aug 15:38 Hi Jonboy,

Good to hear it helps! How are things going a month later?

btw: Have you ever lived in Japan?

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"what depression?" , Sun 7 Sep 09:10 Well its been six or seven weeks now and I feel so much better than before I started taking SJW. I think its picked up my mood enough to put me on the right track, I've got a lot more energy now and I'm thinking a lot more positively. Its got me out of a negative cycle and onto a positive one where I'm doing things to help myself instead of wasting my time feeling sorry for myself. Depression has come back from time to time but now its something that I can switch off instead of something that traps me. Everything just seems kind of......nicer. Difficult to describe - just a brighter mood.

I may carry on taking SJW indefinitely (been taking 3 a day of Herbtech standardised, morning afternoon and evening) as I don't see any reason not to, I've not had any side effects. Spent a lot of time in the sun and my skin is no more sensitive than usual. The weird reaction with alcohol disappeared after a couple of weeks, I guess that was my body getting used to it. Also I've virtually given up smoking and I've found it a lot easier than I have when I've tried to give up before.

I'm sure it doesn't work like this for everyone but I would recommend anyone to try it. I am so glad its had the effect its had and I haven't had to go down the road of psychiatrists and prescription drugs with possible side effects.

Never been to Japan though. I live in the UK :)

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