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Starting again after a several years' break, New Chapter Mood Take Care this time

I'm realizing that I may be a little depressed, low-level. Lots of pessimistic thoughts and low self-esteem have hit me recently.

I'm an attractive, smart, recently-married lady of 39. I have a lot going for me. But the long winter where I live, and fluctuations in lady hormones, make me prone to depression and anxiety. I know I've got enough Vitamin D to get through winter, so I thought this would be good to add again.

I just started taking New Chapter Mood Take Care. It's unusual, not just standardized SJW but a whole 'supercritical extract.' I bought it because I like New Chapter's other stuff, like Zyflamend, but I don't like that it's difficult to compare the dosing to other products. They do state there is a at least 24 mg hyperforin/hypericin in two pills.

The one thing I always notice is a slight foggy feeling when I start. I feel like enthusiastic, but dumb. Friendly but forgetful. I also fear having extra hunger as a side effect. I'll try this for a week though and then reasses.