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St John's Wort warning if you have low cortisol

Hi all

First ever post. I was really excited to try St John's Wort after reading all the positive reviews, my depression has got a lot worse recently as I have followed the unfolding "New World Order" for decades and now with the fake Coronavirus pandemic and the horrific new laws they have just rushed through parliament here in the UK, taking away basic human rights, they are now another step forward. That and all the businesses going bust, my husband's being in serious trouble, it has spun me over the edge. That and everyone else being so brain-washed by it all and sleepwalking into Orwell's 1984. Bit off-topic, sorry.

Anyway, St John's Wort appeared to make me feel a bit better at first, then about a week later I noticed feeling worse and worse, with insomnia, headaches, brain fog and extreme tiredness. I am prone to episodes of low cortisol and have taken corticosteroids in the past. It's basically made my cortisol a lot worse. On doing some research, which is not easy to find, I have discovered that indeed SJW increases cortisol clearance and can actually precipitate an acute adrenal crisis!!! Just a warning to anyone who also has this problem or doesn't know they have it. It could be the cause of some peoples' side-effects from SJW. xx