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Somebody convince me ?


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Can somebody tell me to stay on SJW. Just the last 2 days I feel so tense that i could hardly eat something. Is this what feeling better is like ...
Anybody had the same problems? I am in my 4th week now. This is just taking too long if u ask me.
Is there anybody who's really happy with the results ?


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Hiya alex,

Firstly what brand are you taking and how much? from the postings I have read on here and my limited experience of taking sjw I know that some brands work for some and not others. I tried a holland and barratt brand at first and it just made me feel terrible, I switched to kira and have been taking it for nearly 3 months now. I can't say I have seen dramatic changes but what I will say is I have been stupid this week and not taken any and believe me I CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

It may not have mega results but from what I have now learn't is that it is helping me cope with things better than I was when I wasn't taking it. From my experience of any AD and I have taken a fair few over the years it takes between 4-6 weeks before you feel any benefit, however the brand you maybe taking might not suit you. I would look in the archives there is a lot more information in there and more experienced users of sjw than me who might be able to help you with your question.

I hope you feel better soon take care pixy :freak4:


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I am taking Zibrine fom Merck, its a Belgian company. I am taking one pill 425mg.
I really stopped believing in SJW. It gives me constipation, my ears are ringing, i am very tense, tired lot of the times... and this for something that would make me feel better... I also have that tension around my chest (not from SJW) and shoulders/neck and this only seems to worsen with SJW. Not much positive things untill now if u ask me:frown: . The only thing is i have some more energy.
At the drugstore they had kira too, so maybe i'll try that one.
In which way did SJW help you?
My guess is I need something else, maybe seroxat like the doctor first subscribed me.


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So sorry you've taken a wrong turn on the road to recovery.

I'm a newer user and certainly you have more experience already than I do. But I did check the FAQ on this board and two things that Kelly has in there really struck me....it takes a minimum of 6 weeks for results for most users and the recommended dosage is 900mcg of SJW per day.

You may want to try the higher dose. Based on what I've read in the archives some users have been on doses as high as 1800 mcg with good results. I have alot of respect for Pixy's posts. She has some great advice in suggesting that you try a diffent brand. All brands are not created equal and your negative side effects may be because of that brand. So brand, dose and time may help.

Whatever you decide, keep it up. Remember that feeling from week 3. That's the goal for all of us.

Get well!


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Brand and dosage

Alex, brand and dosage are of paramount importance. Try e.g. Perika and start with small dosage first. See if that works. The problem is SJW is not a perfect solution. You have to play with it constantly to get desired results.


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alex said:
I am taking Zibrine fom Merck, its a Belgian company. I am taking one pill 425mg.
Hang in there and don't give up yet. Definitely read the FAQ I created, it's small but a good start. As people request it I'll keep adding to the FAQ. If the Zibrine brand has 0.3% hypericin (it should say on the bottle), you should really take two per day instead of one... and it will still take at least a few weeks once you start taking the recommended amount. But just about all the antidepressants are the same in that regard, it takes some time. If it says on the bottle it's even less hypericin (like 0.15%) you would need to take even more than two a day. Not too many brands have more than 0.3% hypericin but you should check either way to make sure.

Try Perika

I suggest that you take Perika. I did not encounter any of the symptoms that you've discussed. I take 3 tablets, three times a day and feel great. I began noticing a change in week 2.

Hang in there.


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Well i asked the doctor about the side effects and he said with other people there weren't these side effects, so probably it's not the brand but just me. For me hypericum is hypericum so all the brand thing is crap to me. It worked a little the first month and it lifted me up a little , so i had some benefit of it. But now im gonna stop using it for sure . And I just bought kira forte today 425 mg tablets but I'll leave it for in the future maybe :dance:
Before you give up...

I'm sorry, Alex, for your pain and discomfort.

I suffer from mild depression and, after doing a lot of internet research and talking to folks, I decided that Perika (manufactured in Germany) was the "best" SJW. It's the only SJW that I've taken, but within two weeks, I felt like a new person. So, I encourage you to try it - as directed.


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alex said:
For me hypericum is hypericum so all the brand thing is crap to me.

We can all feel your frustration. We know you want to feel better NOW with no side effects. We all want that for you and for ourselves.

I couldn't help but notice that of all the posts in this thread except yours recommend upping your dose (which you seem reluctant to do) and/or to change brands. I can understand if you discount my opinion as I've only been using SJW for two and a half weeks. But Pixybelle and Kelly have been using it much longer. Kelly, though no god, has read 1000s of posts in this forum.

Luke647 is giddy over his results with Perika. I'm happy with Kira. Other folks are getting good results with other brands. After reading the archives it is obvious that we all react to different brands differently. You might want to read the posts by H2oBuffalo. He can certainly shed some light on this angle.

You already have some Kira. Why not start with the recommended dosage of two tablets a day? You might just feel better and if all goes well, have zero to minimal side effects.

Hang in there and get better quickly.


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Some things to try

The first thing you might want to try is getting another brand. Stick with one that has been used in many clinical studies. Those would include Kira or Perika. Did you know that in Germany 90% of people with depression are first treated with Sjw? Only after they fail are they switched over to medications. And Sjw is a prescription over there. Kira is the German LI160 formula used in many clinical studies.

Another option would be, weird as it sounds, to take a lower dose. If it is all about chemical imbalance, then it seems logical to me that it is quite possible to go too far in fixing it, thus creating a new chemical imbalance different than the one you started with. Balance is what we are looking for. Just because the bottle says 3 a day, and just because most people do well at that dose, doesn't mean it is your ideal dose. We all have unique chemistry. What you described, it seems to me in just my opinion, is a possible case of overload side effects. Try reducing the dose. On the other hand, you could try increasing the dose and see if the symptoms get worse. If they do, you know that's the wrong direction.

Regardless of brand or dose, I think the near-unaminous message from everyone here that has taken sjw for a long time is that it takes patience in waiting anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. You are currently at the low end of that time range.
What you described, it seems to me in just my opinion, is a possible case of overload side effects. Try reducing the dose.
Well that's my guess too, it worked before, the first few weeks and now it seems im out of my depression. As a matter of fact i tried a few weeks ago to open the capsule and take just a little bit out of it and put it between my sandwich and it was working quite well! I guess it was 1/10 of what was in the capsule, so maybe 30 mg or so. Then i started taking the whole capsule and i felt more energized of course , but i was very tense and aggitated. Im sure 2 would be too much.
I still dont feel good but SJW makes me feel worse at the moment, very tense. Maybe ill try some relaxing herbs like valerian.
But I also suffer from terrible tension on my chest which nobody seems to have here around ??. Maybe ill need too look for something else to get better although the doctor advised me to start with SJW and valerian and if it doesn't work switch to AD's.


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Hope you're feeling better! Saw your post on another thread and have been thinking about your problems. Sorry to report that I don't have that magic answer either.

After rereading the posts here and other posts regarding both different brands and doses, it would seem like trying a different, perhaps "less potent" brand might be a good plan of attack. At least this seems to be pretty common advice throughout the forum.

That tightening in your chest might be beyond the scope of this forum. Hoping that is at worse related to stress.

Whatever you decide, keep on keeping on. I truly hope that you find something that will continue to help you without negative side effects.