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Social Anxiety


New Member
Hi again,

I think I suffer with social anxiety especially when I am at work, I work in an office as a manager & i sometimes can't get in to a conversation with anyone, I start to feel uneasy & my stomach starts to get up tight & the adrenelin starts to pump which increases my heart rate. I am trying to control all these, but is any one else who suffers the same type of thing ?
what could I take to help ? I have started to take SJW will that help?

Many thanks


Regular Member
Hi there,

it sounds indeed like some kind of social related anxiety.
I am experiencing more or less the same symptoms, just as you described them. Even more whith women.
I must say that i cannot categorize for sure what kind of anxiety i have, but i think this is of minor importance.

I tried for many many years without any medication, to gain control over those feelings (in combination with cognitive therapy). Since 23. Now i am 38.
I'm sorry to confess that i personally am helpless against my anxiety! Why?
Because there is a ****... trapp there. Be aware! The more i forced anxiety symptoms to ''not take controll'' over my behavior and my thoughts, the more i shifted to the depression side!
Now i know that I have never managed to reduce those anxiety feelings, no matter how hard or in differend ways and ''tricks'' i have tried.
What i have accomplished is to act and behave in a political correct and normally way so ohters wouldn't notice my anxiety... BUT the prise i have paid for that was Depression!

Since then i loosen up against medications, i accepted that my power over biology is humble and limited and welcomed some extra help from sjw.
Thinks are going better now

Yeah SJW is really helping me overall. Today I was so much more relaxed, and in control, and felt like talking to people as a result.