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smiled today

Hi everyone .
Just getting used to computers as well as this site ,so please bare with me .Been depressed on and off all my life .Only once went on anti depressents tried hard for 4 months but felt worse than before so stopped much to my doctors disgust !!. started on SJW just 5 days ago and already feel better ,looked in the mirror this morning and smiled (no comments please ) hope the feeling lasts .Good luck to all of you just starting like me and to all of you who have been trying for longer .
smile back at you

Here there welcome.:spin: I went on SSRI antidepressants for a long while and the negative side effects bothered me so I quit and fell into a severe depression recently. At first after reading all the success stories about sjw on this site I was skeptical but now at day 22; and half way to the point where the full benefits are realized, it is indeed working very well. They say it takes 42 days to expereince the full effects but sometimes getting to that point is difficult if the depression is severe since initially for me at least I had increased anxiety since starting the sjw etc. I wanted the sjw to work automatically since I was really suffering but it does take patience. Anyway welcome and have a good day.


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Welcome to the forum. I hope SJW continues to make you feel better and you continue to smile. Good luck on your journey to wellness.