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Sleep disturbtion


I am now at 21 days of SjW and just at the moment i thought it is going to work a became really bad nights.
Since 5 days i am awake every 1,5 hour and how more i get awake how more nervous i become.
Does anybody recognize this and will it past???
I never really got any deep sleep on sjw although it did make me feel tired and fatigued. I stopped taking after 3 months because it started making me more anxious and but it did lift my depression and could feel the effect in the first few days of use.. placebo maybe, not sure. I tried stopping cold turkey and it made my anxiety unbearable after 3 days so had to slowly taper off and have only nust stopped getting anxiety withdrawal symptoms after 2 weeks off it completely. I am now using 5htp with l tyrosine and will see how I get on.. so far so good and sleeping much better at the moment too.
Thank you for your reply.
I stopped a few days ago with SJW.
I could not handel it anymore. It made me also so anxious and desperate about not sleeping!
I recognize the fatigued!
My depression was compleetly back
I am so happy with my descission to go back to my fluoxetine! I had 20 good years with it and i think it will be 20 more!
For me no more sjw!