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SJW from Germany


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Hi everyone,
I have been on 1500mg SJW for some months now with good effects. I live in the UK and am paying approx ?50 for a 5-6 week supply of Kira SJW. I understand that in Germay SJW is prescribed and is available at a much reduced price than this. Does any one out there know anything about buying direct from manufacturers in Germany and just getting the stuff posted out to the Uk. There must be a cheaper way of getting hold of good quality SJW than getting it from Boots (the chemist). Any ideas?? Could search the internet I know but you never know if you are going to get ripped off. Also is anyone out there nagging the right individuals to get the stuff prescribed on the NHS??
Big questions i know!
Thanks x
hi there! im from germany and as for now sjw has not to be prescribed. It's still possibe to buy sjw up to 900mg over here - they just had to change the label/indication from treatment of mediocre depression to something like "balance". the status for now is: sjw in a concentration higher than 900 mg or the indication "treatment for mediocre depression" has to be prescribed - up to 900mg sjw can still be bought in every pharmacy or online pharmacies. Maybe this should be updated on this sites content. this is my first week on a product called laif 900 balance (most popular here), its ingredients are: (sjw dryextract 3-6:1) 900,0 mg and some other stuff like magnesium,riboflavin e101, talkum, titandioxid e171 in one pill - i paid around 25 euros for 60 pills, which sounds fair to me :)

if you got more question let me know

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