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SJW and Quiet Life Tablets?

Hi all

SJW has been working wonders on my general mood after just 2 weeks (I get the odd down day but overall I think they're working).

My main problem, though, has never been depression, but anxiety - and I still get plagued by generalised anxiety throughout the day. Just a constant 'on edge' feeling which is very uncomfortable.

I was wondering if it's ok to take "Quiet Life" tablets with St John's Wort?

They contain the following:

Hops powder
Passiflora powder
Extract of wild lettuce
Extract of valerian
Thiamine hydrochloride
Vitamin B1 and B2

Would any of thsse cause an adverse reaction does anyone know?


I'm almost sure you'd be OK. Lane's 'Quiet Life' tablets have been name-checked on this site a few times before and I don't think anyone had any problems.