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SJW and maca root

I've been taking SJW for about 6 months with good results. However while it took away the depression almost completely I still wasn't feeling 'good', and could fall back into depression simply by missing a few doses within a few days. I was looking for something to take with the SJW, something with little to no side effects or negative interactions. I read lots of good suggestions on these posts and settled on trying maca root. I'm having very good luck with it, feel more positive and energetic, more socially engaged, and generally feel very good. Its a difference between holding the depression in check and actually feeling like the depression isn't there anymore. I've been able to decrease my SJW dosage as well. I'm curious if anyone else has tried this product and their experience.


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I've taken maca before and also noticed an energy boost. My wife took it for quite a while too, she mentioned that there are different types of maca and some work better than others. It's a little on the expensive side... and my wife found that it worked for a while and then stopped doing much, so she tends to take it on-again, off-again. She's not taking SJW thought or suffering from depression. Just thought I'd share what little I know about maca.