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SJW and early side effects of photosensitivity

Hi guys,

I've recently started taking SJW 600-900mg daily, and have had wonderful results in treating my anxiety and depression. After just a week, I'm having more confidence than I've felt probably in my entire life. However, I've also been experiencing some side effects of photosensitivity. I can tell that my eyes have become very sensitive to all light. When driving at night, oncoming cars are far brighter than they were before and pretty hard to bear. Even driving during the day I notice oncoming lights, which wouldn't have stood out before. Then yesterday I spent roughly two hours in the car (it was a very bright day) and then some time outside during twilight, and it resulted in some redness in my face, which otherwise wouldn't have effected me at all.

From the research I've done, very few people experience photosensitivity from taking SJW. Am I just one of the lucky few that shouldn't be taking SJW at all, or have many of you dealt with this problem in order to keep taking it?

As I mentioned, I've only been taking SJW for a week now, and I'm not sure if these effects will get worse, stay the same, or go away over time. If the effects do not get worse, then I feel like, however inconvenient, I could tolerate them in order to further treat my anxiety. Though, the prospect of wearing sunblock while driving isn't too appealing. But I guess my main concern is that this isn't a regular reaction, and being a person then who is more sensitive than others to the side effects, I am undoubtedly causing irreversible harm to my skin and eyes.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of photosensitive reaction? And if you have extensive knowledge would you say my case sounds normal?

Thanks a lot for your time


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I experience the same effects when using SJW, so I think its normal. Some would even argue that photo-sensitivity is useful as it enables more light to reach the brain during the winter months. Yet, I know it can be annoying and is one of the reasons that I use SJW only on per needed basis (no more than a few weeks each year).
I've had the same side effects. There were days where I thought I was going to burn to death because the sun light felt so hot on my skin, especially my hands and ears. But I noticed that it slowly started getting better. Not sure if the body was jsut getting use to it, or something else.
It's been the same for me -- my body growing more used to it over time, and now I hardly notice brighter lights. Still concerned about the possibility of long term eye damage however.