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SJW and alcohol

Discussion in 'General discussion on depression and SJW' started by thayimperial, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. thayimperial

    thayimperial New Member

    Is it safe to drink alcoholic beverages when taking SJW?
  2. crl1978

    crl1978 New Member

    I really wish this forum was more active. I don't have much for experience with SJW and alcohol, but my suggestion would be to take it slow. I am pretty sure it is safe in moderation.
  3. Vaspandy

    Vaspandy New Member

    This answer may be a little late, but I hope you can use it. When I researched SJW 15 years ago, no known interactions with alcohol were known, but I do not know if this has changed since then. I have used SJW on and off for the last 15 years, and have never experienced any negative effects when drinking. My SJW dosis is very high during this winter, and I just participated in the traditional Danish drinking ritual during the holidays. No problems, apart from the usual alcohol-related issues ;-)
  4. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    I still haven't heard of any issues with alcohol and SJW. Everything in moderation of course. I am not a heavy drinker but do have a couple of drinks every second day or so, and maybe everyday on the weekend... ugh at least I hope I'm not a heavy drinker. Anyway you should be fine.

    On another note, I wish the forum was more active as well. It used to be and I still am not exactly sure what happened except for a series of small disagreements among a few people, and the bigger emergence of all sorts of social media websites that people tend to use more nowadays... or at least more than my forum. Things are so slow I've thought many times about shutting it down.
  5. sheephead

    sheephead Moderator

    Hiya, Kelly. I too am sorry that things have gone quiet on here over the past couple of years. I hope whatever social media 'alternatives' are out there are as good as this Board used to be -- hopefully still will be. I've no recollection of any disagreements during my time here. The reason I only pop in occasionally is that it is nearly nine years since I last used SJW and things have moved on a bit. I still keep an old pack of Perika, with a use-by date of June 2009, in the back of a kitchen cupboard, just as a sort of 'safety blanket'. Kelly, my brother-in-law is involved in media and website promotion. Next time I see him I will ask about how to make sites more 'visible' and increase the hit-rate. I hope you can keep it going for a while longer. Best wishes, Tony (Sheephead).
  6. Fast Heart Mart

    Fast Heart Mart New Member

    Hello Kelly! Please keep the site up if at all possible! I have used SJW a few times now based on the info I found on your site and it's been a Godsend! Social media is really chaotic compared to this site. This site is really simple and well laid out! It speaks to me more than any other source on the internet. It would be a shame for anyone in the present or future to miss this valuable site.

    Anyways, that's my opinion :)
  7. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    Cool, thank-you for the comments! After a full 20 years of running this site and the forums, the real reason I keep it running is for people like you. Thanks for joining and posting!


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