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sjw/5htp and menstrual cycle

Just wondering if anyone had a change in their cycle using SJW or 5thp? No cycle for 18 months due to having an ablation procedure, but this month after starting these supplements I got one. Coincidence?


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The same happened to me, my menstruation came a week earlier than expected and lasted five days which is not common with me.
I think SJW can affect the menstrual cycle at least with me.:wobblyeyes:


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St John's Wort is said to reduce the effectiveness of contraceptives as it interacted with hormone levels. In studies on SJW it increased the metabolism of the oestrogen and progesterone in the pill and caused breakthrough bleeding (a certain amount of progesterone and oestrogen is needed to maintain the lining of the womb etc.). In another study they even found that it increased folicle growth and "probable ovulation". Most studies have been done with regard to the pill of course due to unwanted pregnancy concerns so not much (if any?) has been done on SJW's effects on hormone levels when not on the pill. So whether the same changes in hormone levels occur not sure. But the possibility is there I guess for it to alter hormones, menstrual bleeding and ovulation. Though I don't know about ablation, does it permanently remove the lining of the womb? If so there shouldn't be much to bleed I think? Another idea is instead of blood from the lining of the womb, then there can be blood from follicles erupting during ovulation which might match with the "increased follicle growth and ovulation" aspect. There is a condition Mittelschmerz where women get pain or bleed at ovulation for many different reasons, one being "At the time of ovulation, blood or other fluid is released from the ruptured egg follicle.". But not sure how much blood at most women get with ovulation bleeding.

You could speak with a doctor or Gynaceologist about it. I am just guessing so it's not really proper medical advice.

Studies on SJW's effect on hormones whilst taking contraceptives:

Some suggest they experience a change in menstrual cycle on antidepressants too but that may just be a coincidence and just anecdotal rather than scientific. But as both SJW and 5-HTP are antidepressants and may enhance each others effects then its just an idea depending on the dosages being used.
5-HTP and St. John's wort combination
It is possible to combine these two supplements as long as the dosage is low for both. The St. John's wort extract can be taken in the morning whereas the serotonin precursor can be taken in late afternoon or early evening.

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Hi, Not sure on the SJW dosage but for the 5-HTP it may depend on opinion but 300mg may be a high dose. Particularly alongside SJW as both 5-HTP & SJW increase serotonin. But its just an idea.
Dosage of 5-HTP for depression, appetite control, and other health issues
Some studies have used dosages of 300 mg a day, or more, for depression but I consider any dose above 100 mg to be high. Most products are sold in 50 and 100 mg capsules. Some people do well with 20 to 50 mg, while others may temporarily require 100 mg or more. Those who do well with small doses can open a capsule by pulling on each end and take a portion mixed with water. 5-HTP is best absorbed on an empty stomach. Some users have tried taking a smaller amount sublingually, that is, under the tongue.


Has the Doctor OK'ed St John's Wort with Wellbutrin by the way? Wellbutrin inhibits re-uptake of norepinephrine and dopamine whilst St John's Wort also inhibits
norepinephrine and dopamine in studies. So just wondering if they may interact and boost levels too much..Getting back to the menstrual cycle and ovulation, with higher dopamine then prolactin is reduced and this may also "improve" ovulation for some women if I remember correctly.
Dr. doesn't know about the sjw & 5htp. I didn't realize wellbutrin worked in the same way as SJW. I have tried many ssri's in the past with no positive effects but wellbutrin seemed to help more than anything else. Although I felt I needed more of a boost thus was trying the sjw and 5htp. I have not had a period in 18 months due to my edometrial ablation (not in meonpause), so I really am thinking now that all these supps disturbed my hormonal balance and caused the return of my cycle.


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Of course I'm not a medical professional though so it could still just be coincidence too regarding the bleeding or other factors. You could try lowering the dosages and timing etc. and see if it occurs again next month. Since you're on the Wellbutrin you might find you can get away with a lower dose of SJW as just a little booster. I'd also reccomend lowering the 5-HTP just incase and see if a low dose works well alongside the SJW. Keep a record / track of symptomns though when on the combination. I recommend making the doctor aware since you're on prescription medication and there might be certain interactions, especially if you notice any other side effects.


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I stop taking SJW eleven days ago.
Because that was causing me more anxiety.
My period is supposed to come in the last days of this month.
I'm waiting to see what happens.
It is good as prior to taking the sjw I had no period for 18 months due to a surgical procedure. This indicates to me that most likely the sjw affected my hormonal status. I took 5htp as well but that has not been a problem in the past. I feel a little better as Dr. increased my thyroid meds and adjusted my wellbutrin dosage but I still have really anxious/depressed days.