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I am from S.England and just started taking St Johns Wort yesterday.

I have had depression for over 15 years very bad but only recently after keeping a calendar of how I was feeling, did I discover it was totally related to my monthly menstrual cycle. 2 weeks in on the dot, as I ovulated I guess, my mood would become dark, crying, irrational, hateful, total nightmare, and it improved at the end of the monthly cycle for 2 weeks, then all over again.

Like I say I only discovered after 10 years that this was some kind of bad pms, I have been thorugh the mill of diagnosis and medications, ssris, valium, hospitalised etc. No doctor ever looked into whether it was related to my periods, I was only 20 when I was first put on antidepressants, I am 37 now and I think that the use of the medications confused the issue.

I never got on well with any of the drugs and have never been cured, in fact many things I was given made me feel worse. It has ruined my life in so many ways, relationships, work, everything really. Anyway about a year ago fed up of doctors and psychiatrists I stopped taking their medications as I was getting nowhere. It was a struggle as I expreinced bad withdrawal effects as I have read others have stopping ssris etc. I wanted to see how I was 15 years on without drugs, and made sure I was physicallyhealthy taking vitamins and minerals and excersising. Gave up all my bad habits, etc, just over time ruling out all things that may be causing the problem.

As after doing this and still taking no more meds I still was getting these problems, I plotted the days like I said and so discovered that it was in fact bad pms. Wish the doctors had thought of this when I was 20.

I tried a few things specifically for pms, extra B12, evening primrose oil, magnesium,even cut out caffeine my one luxury item I had left, but still no luck. Tried going on the pill which actually made it worse. Last month I spent £150 on a private pms specialist, he told me I needed to do relaxation techniques and meditate, he was lucky I was not in the bad half of my cycle as I may not have been so tolerant, anyway so after wasting £150 I just thought I would try St Johns Wort, last resort.

Two weeks into my cycle as usual the crying began, the irrational racing thoughts, anger, irritation, anxiety, unable to breathe, and I was looking forward to the next 2 weeks being in that hell again. But I took a St Johns Wort tablet, and amazingly enough just a few hours after taking it the symptoms subsided.

I am pretty tuned in to my bodies reactions to things, because of the efforts I have gone to the last year or so, with diet and cutting things out and watching the effects and keeping an eye on the moods, so I would be very surprised if this was a placebo effect. The symptoms were too strong and too physically all consuming to just disappear with some positive thinking (and anyway, dont tell the pms specialist, but I have even tried that before, it is useless against depression and I think offensive to anyone who is depressed or anxious to tell them to be more positive).

Anyway so yes, I felt it quite strongly the effect of the St Johns Wort. A strange happiness and motivation came over me. I was so relieved. I slept really well last night and woke up raring to go today. I am taking 300mg 3 times a day. Boots own brand which is 0.3% hypericin and also contains the hyperforin as I had read there was some debate as to what the active ingredients are and some say it is the hyperforin.

I have only taken for 2 days now and so its not much evidence except I am very confident because never have I been able to overcome these symptoms before and somehow since yesterday I have.

I guess I will see in the next few weeks. The few days before my period is due are usually the very worst, so this will be a good test. The next week normally I would be crying or screaming into a pillow in a dark room and thinking of ways to end it all. But I am not this time and I hope this feeling of wellbeing stays, I am really hoping it does as this will totally transform my life, a bit late at 37, but never the less, it would be like a miracle to me.

best wishes to anyone reading this Simone


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Hi Simone, just want to say welcome to the forum and thanks for the introduction. We are happy to have you here,and look forward to reading more about your experiences.