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Side effects of SJW


New Member
I have started taking sjw 2 weeks before, I am suffering generalized anxiety disorder, I took paxil cr 12.5 cr for 1.5 years. It gave me insomnia side effe ts, I didn't want to start it again, it is also expensive, I tried cbt also, it worked for 6-7 months. Talking about sjw, it was good on the first week, I was taking two 300mg tablets, after first week, i started getting dizziness, I then decreased dose to one 2 days back only, today again iam feeling little dizzy. I take one tablet in the afternoon, I usually get dizzy after waking up from night sleep
Hmm, it might be that you need to taper in more slowly. It builds in the system over time and it might help to work up to it more slowly. Either decreasing the dose or frequency.