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SIDE EFFECT: Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Hi all

I wanted to share my experience with St Johns Wort.

Firstly, even though it is available without prescription and marketed as 'herbal' you should realise that most serious drugs come from a herb. Heroin comes from poppies, Cocaine comes from the coca plant, etc..

I took St John's Wort for about a year and 6 months in I started noticing minor ED problems, so minor that I didn't think twice about it. This gradually increased and after a year of taking it I was having severe trouble, I could barely get it up and when I did it was not a full erection, and then it went down after a few mins. Thus causing me to feel depressed, anxious etc.. basically all the things that drive you to take SJW in the 1st place!

I went to the doc to see if it was low testosterone, he ended up prescribing me with Viagra! I was only 23 years old!! - I didn't take it, I knew it was something else.

After researching for countless hours on the internet, there was no way I would have suspected SJW considering most sites claim it cures ED.

Anyway I discontinued it and 3 days later I was back to normal, the ED had completely disappeared.

I cant remember the dosage but I remember researching before using and chose a low-average dosage.

So guys, if you start having this issue when on SJW you know what it is!

Please link this thread to the other countless SJW/depression forums if u get a chance.


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I've never heard of ED as a side-effect from SJW... after many years of reading about people's experience. Sure didn't do that for me. Maybe you're just one of the unfortunate ones to have this side-effect, it must have been real frustrating. But thanks for taking the time to post about your experience and glad you found a solution.

Have you tried other alternatives like 5-HTP or Rhodiola Rosea?

If ed is the issue have you looked into l-arginine or maca?

I use maca for libido (which in turn causes better erections) and it works amazing. Do some research on maca.

I take NOW Foods 8 capsules a day for 4g a day and it took only 4-5 days to start working.


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Haven't been here for awhile. Looking for information to help my wife.

I don't recall ever reading of any one having an ED issue as the result of SJW. Certainly not the case for me and I took SJW for a fairly long time. Most likely a horrible coincidence.

No matter, hope you find a solution that works for you.
It was probably just a rare side effect. It was definitely the SJW because the ED disappeared completely 3 days after I stopped taking SJW, and there were no other contributing factors.
Gotta add my wee story here. I've used SJW for 3 years and found very useful to act as an anti dep and anxiety remover, but have lost sexdrive over time and ED has driven me to despair over the last 6 months (I'm 56y old male with a lovely wife). I tried lots of herbals for ED, but never researched SJW as a contributor until last week and found your post and another elsewhere on this site. I had trawled all over the web with no result. These postings gave me a thread of hope to try out and I now have a recipe for using SJW at a frequency that allows my wife and I to enjoy our bodies again! Basically this-
Drop SJW for 3 days in favour of SAM-e 200mg twice a day = ED gone. Back on SJW the rest of the week....its now a much better life all round.


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I guess it's possible, though it's probably rare.
If you do suffer ED, reduced libido etc. I would also recommend checking testosterone levels. Low testosterone is linked to depression and might actually be the root cause of it in some cases.