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Scared to start.... (+7 replies)


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April 13, 2003


"Scared to start...." , Sun 13 Apr 15:22 Hi--I just bought SJW today (healthy ideas) and after reading alot of these posts i'm kinda freaked out! I want to start taking SJW to stabilize my mood, and I get alot of anxiety at work. After reading some of the experiences people have had I'm really cautious about trying SJW. I didn't think it could effect people with a wide range of side effects. I'm afraid of starting it and getting MORE anxiety from it, and then some posts say you shouldn't even stop taking it...I need all the information I can get...thanks!!!! :)
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"Re(1):Scared to start...." , Mon 19 May 18:45 Heya!
I started taking SJW the day you posted that. The only side affects I got were upset stomach when I did not take it with a meal. Emotionally I am the same aside from some acceptance that Im dealing with my problem and hope of positive feelings.

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"Re(1):Scared to start...." , Thu 17 Apr 13:29 Greetings,

I had initial anxiety with Prozac. I think this is caused by when taking the drug or herb, in a state of anxiety, sometimes when stuff starts going on up there when it kicks in, the anxiety can increase. A way to avoid this if your worried about it could be to start with lower dosages. If not I think it does normaly pass as it did for me if you sit back and let it work. Good Luck.

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"Don't be scared to take SJW!!!!!" , Wed 16 Apr 08:49 Dear Diana:
I'm a person with LOTS of anxiety,(including panic attacks at times)and I assure you that you have nothing to worry about with SJW. I've been taking it now for 8 months (3 SJW with lots of vitamins)and I find it has little to do with my anxieties...It's helped with depression, but I sometimes need to take one pill of Valium or Ativan, in order to get relief from anxiety...This has not changed from the time BEFORE I started taking SJW. Some people here claim they had experienced anxiety in the early weeks they took SJW, but they probably would have had anxiety if they never took SJW too! I suggest that you read or re-read the Gneral Information on SJW that Kelly has on this website. SJW is very safe and has virtually no side effects, including anxiety. Good luck to you....DON'T BE SCARED TO TAKE SJW. It's helped so many of us, who enjoy it's anti-depressant affects with NO SIDE AFFECTS WHATSOEVER.

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"Re(1):Scared to start...." , Mon 14 Apr 02:02 Dear Diana,

The decision whether or not to start taking medication for anxiety / depression is a tricky one. On the one hand the symptoms you experince get in the way of leading a 'normal' and happy life......on the other hand I, personally was very cautious about using a 'crutch' and was worried about becoming dependent on something.

At the end of the day you have to make a value judgement about how bad your condition is and how necessary it has become to try something to alleviate the symptoms.

In my case, I was signed off work for a period of weeks with depression and knew that I needed something to get me going again. I was lucky. My sister happened to be suffering with similar problems and recommended SJW. I honestly haven't looked back since. If you feel you are in a situation where you need to try something, then I would give SJW a try.

There is much extremely useful information on this Message Board. However, I suppose it's inevitable that on Forums such as this you get all sorts of people, who feel they have experienced all varieties of side - effects....sometimes within seconds of taking SJW!!

In reality, for the vast majority SJW has little to no side - effects, so I wouldn't be unduly put off by this.

At the end of the day, the decision of whether to take something for anxiety / depression is one we have all had to make at some point along the line......Good luck with yours.


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"Re(1):Scared to start...." , Sun 13 Apr 18:19 I've not had any bad side effects from SJW. I've never been happier. I feel lighter, no more obsessive compulsive thoughts (at least not too often) and no more road rage and angry bitter thoughts.

I've been taking SJW for about 5 months and it's a god send for me.

Don't waste any precious days of your life. If SJW gives you a good quality of life, go for it darling.

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"Re(1):Scared to start...." , Sun 13 Apr 17:13 I wouldn't be too worried - SJW does sometimes have side effects but they're mild compared to most prescription antidepressants. It is true that some people experience more anxiety when they start taking SJW - it happened to me. It seems to be a temporary thing. In my case I had two periods of increased anxiety during the first five weeks, but since then it hasn't really happened again. I'm taking SJW mainly for seasonal depression, but I've always suffered from some anxiety as well, and since the five week mark I've definitely had much less anxiety than I used to - even in situations that always used to trigger it (like flying). So it is worth it in the long run. I used Valerian (another herb) to help me cope with the increased anxiety during the first few weeks.

You can stop taking SJW whenever you want to - I've never heard of any withdrawal effects. But it is meant to be taken over a relatively long period of time. It can take some time to feel the full effects of it. That's why some people here (including me) say you should stick with it in the early stages and give it plenty of time to work. I've been taking SJW for 4 1/2 months now and I would say that the long term effects are well worth the short term side effects I had.

I hope this encourages you. If you do decide to start taking SJW then good luck with it, and let us know how you get on.


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"Re(2):Scared to start...." , Wed 16 Mar 13:58 I think if you take it with a bunch of other crap you shouldn't be surprised if you get side effects. Taken on its own by people who haven't stuffed their faces with previous antidepressants and who have observed a proper gap between ending prescription antidepressants, it shouldn't really have any side effects.

Everyone gets a little apprehensive when trying a new thing, I find myself looking at every little thing and going "has it kicked in yet? Is that it? Was that it there?" so just relax and wait for it to hit you. If it does do something bad just stop taking it....

It's not strong so any adverse effects (if there even are any) won't be hard to get rid of. I think a lot of people here are slightly paranoid and give SJW an unecessary bad rap by blaming everything on it.

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