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Hi I just did some research on saffron which has been found to be as effective minus the side effects as 3 anti depressants which were tested alonside it.
The dose was 3grams per day.Probably be an expensive treatment since saffron costs more then a pound a gram.But if anyone knows of cheaper wholesale sources that would be nice.
This i will try if all else fails.If anyone has tried it let me know.Thanks


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day 1 with saffron.BRILLIANT.

I FOUND A LITTLE BIT OF SAFFRON AT HOME , SO i DECIDED TO TRY IT.I took about 1/2 a gram in boiled milk.The anxiety disappeared till evening and I felt fresher.This didnt give the hangover feeling or spaced feeling .The dose was alot less then the 3g used in the trial. I felt completely natural .When I saw myself in the bathroom mirror I couldnt believe it was me.I hadnt looked so awake in ages.May be this effect is psychological but im going to have some more tonight.Maybe i'll use it with the concentrated fish oil i've ordered.


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I've done some more research on saffron.It seems the dose used in the trials was actually 30mg not 3grams as i wrote before.
I have felt much calmer and relaxed and my head is clearer.Im going to keep using this.
I found a cheap source on ebay and its the good quality iranian sargol. It works out at about 50p a gram.BYE FOR NOW


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saffron a miracle ! even helped my tinnitus!

Hi , I am writting my experience with saffron which I hope will be useful for anyone researching it.
My tinnitus is nearly gone and my head feels solid if you know what i mean.I've been on this only about a weak and I cant believe the difference.If anyone is suffering out there not knowing what to do , give this a try.
I had quite severe depression and i cant believe how much better i feel in a week with no side effects.
I suffered alot with anxiety but even that is about 80 percent better.This really does feel like a miracle cure to me.:walkingsm::walkingsm::walkingsm:


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still on saffron and feeling really good.

Hi i've been on the saffron over a fortnight and so far each day I feel better.I can actually feel my mind recovering. My moods are settled and feel mentally more alert.I dont know how this works but it feels like its mending my brain rather then covering my depression. Anyway i would recommend it especially after the bad experience with st johns wort and 5 hrtp.

It's really great that this worked so well for you.
Could you please tell me if it is still working? And how much of it do you take?


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hi Bleak

Its still working, I cant believe how much difference its made in so short a time.I think I can safely say I had no side effects, thats saying something because im a really sensitive person .
I started with a 2mg packaging which used to last me 6 days.I had it twice a day.I just divide it up a pinch at a time.I have now reduced the dose having it once a day with the same 2mg lasting approximately 2 weeks.I reduced it because i introduced the concentrated fish oil and found I didnt need so much.I've been on the reduced dose about a fortnight and i feel great.
Incidently a friend of mine was having panic attacks , migraines and not sleeping sometimes the whole night .I got her to try it .She felt better almost immediately and everyday is better for her and she has been sleeping better since .She has her saffron mixed in honey and then swallows it with water.She is really grateful.
Hope this helps.:dance::dance::dance:
How do you prepare saffron?

Hi Haf, this is really intriguing. How do you prepare your saffron and how do you know you're getting the right doses?


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prep. and doses

Hi, I have mine in hot milk and a teaspoon of honey.I boil it in the pan with the milk and then just drink it in the hot milk.It's very calming.
I have done alot of research on saffron and besides one variety which isnt available anyway ,it's extremely safe and non toxic even in very large amounts.
I kept varying the amount till I felt balanced.
saffron comes in packaging of 1g,2gr,3gr,4gr etc.I divide it into portions for 1/2 weeks fold them in paper packages and use 1 at a time.
In the trials they used 30mg per day.That is a tiny amount.
I used alot more because I had very severe depression and I varied the amount untill it made a difference and I felt better. Twice a day is better then once.And you really do feel better from the first day you have it.
I hope this helps.
saffron source

hafs - this truly is fascinating. where do you get your saffron? do you still get it from ebay?

in the study you mention, it looks like they use 30mg of a saffron extract standardized to have a certain percentage of what they believe is the active ingredient. i am assuming that supermarket saffron would not have as a high a percentage of the active constituents, and that you would have to use quite a bit more than 30mg.

i am very interested in trying this out.
just bought some

so i checked on ebay and i found a supplier. they sell 30 grams for $47.00 (plus shipping) on ebay. from their own site, they also offer 85 grams for $102.00.

i'm not ready to invest that kind of money for so much saffron yet. i just went to the grocery store and bought some. it's not cheap in the grocery store. $12.00 for 1.7 grams - and that was the "sale" price. i had some boiled in milk. we'll see how it goes. i'll try to give it a fair run and see how i feel once i've finished the bottle. i'm not really sure if i'm using enough.

i'm usually not one to run off and just buy stuff like that - but i figure it's just saffron. what harm could come from at least trying it?


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i'll be praying for you curious!

I did the same thing as you and just had a try because there is no other way to find out if it will help.I hope you feel a lot better.
When sjw didnt work for me I felt very sad because i didnt want to take the gp meds.So I kept praying that god would give me another solution and I kept searching untill I found saffron.
so far so good

this is my fourth day taking saffron. i am pretty impressed so far. before i say any more, i should mention that i am taking st. john's wort at the moment. i started about three weeks ago. i am taking 900mg a day (3 tablets).

with that said, i have to say that my life is significantly improved since i started taking saffron. for the past few months (and in general, the past few years), i have had a very difficult battle with insomnia. most mornings, i wake up much too early, feeling unrefreshed, irritable and anxious. just this monday, i was feeling so exhausted that i couldn't concentrate on anything, had no motivation, and felt so irritable that i literally wanted to crawl into a hole.

monday night, i went out to the supermarket and bought some saffron. not cheap. $11.50 for 1.7 grams. (it turns out that you can get it a bit cheaper if you live near a trader joe's -- $2.99 for 1 gram). boiled some in milk, added some honey and drank it right before bed. i slept about 6 hours (i usually like 8). upon awakening, i realized that although i hadn't slept as long as i wanted, but i didn't feel as fatigued and irritable as i usually do when i sleep as little as that. i felt more centered and at peace.

every day since monday, i have had a cup of that saffron milk infusion in the morning and at night. my sleep has dramatically improved. dramatically. tuesday night i slept 8 hours straight through (unheard of for me). on wednesday and thursday, i gained a newfound ability to take naps during the day (also unheard of for me - usually too tense or anxious to take refreshing naps). my mood has definitely improved and i'm looking forward to the future.

having said that, i'm still in that skeptical phase so we'll see if this pans out over time.

on a side note, on tuesday, i went out to an herb store to see if they sold saffron for less than they do at the supermarket. i got a bit lost along the way. as i drove around the neighborhood a few times looking for the store, i was getting frustrated, thinking that this could all be a waste of time and money. then i passed a paper store called "saffran." really strange and odd coincidence. maybe it was a sign. who knows?

i'll keep you folks posted. at this point i can say so far so good!


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saffron prices

I think these are cheaper http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290054672166 But if you do a search on ebay i've seen some bargains on saffron.£2.49 FOR 10GRAMS ETC. A better place to buy saffron is asian or arab/iranian supermarkets.They sell it cheaper as it is a part of there cuisine. I've seen the turkish saffron it looks different. I don't know if it is as effective. I have tried the iranian and spanish saffron both are effective. I've found an asian store where i can buy 24grams for £8.00 .
They sell £10.00 incl. postage for 30 grams.
hey guys, i'm new to the forum but have been reading lots of threads. this one in particular caught my eye. I have been suffering from depression for quite some time now. I have trouble sleeping normal hours, feel tired and fatigued most of the time, and have a lack of focus and concentration mentally. The lack of focus and concentration itself depresses me even more since I feel like perhaps I've lost mental capability or sharpness. I've been reading alot about people's experiences on here concerning St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, and Omega-3 Fish oil but this one really caught my eye.

A question to those of you who have had success with Saffron: I noticed that many in here have said that it has calmed them down and helped with anxiety but has it really helped with mental concentration, alertness, and focus?

I'm definitely more "down" then "up" so I would need something that gets the engine running again to full speed. Sorry for the long intro, but it's my first post. Thanks guys for any input you may have and good luck in your own fight against depression. :smile:

- NS


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Hi, netsync

I am having both saffron and the concentrated fish oil. I also found it difficult to concentrate .At first I was using saffron on it's own and my concentration did definately improve with it. when I introduced the concentrated fish oil I noticed a further improvement.
Another supplement i am using is acetyl l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid.Definately worth a look at .
higher nature did a long report on it aswell if I find it I will post it here.
hafs;2350 said:
I am having both saffron and the concentrated fish oil. I also found it difficult to concentrate .At first I was using saffron on it's own and my concentration did definately improve with it. when I introduced the concentrated fish oil I noticed a further improvement.
Another supplement i am using is acetyl l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid.Definately worth a look at .
higher nature did a long report on it aswell if I find it I will post it here.
hey hafs, thanks alot for your input. I think I'm going to head over to the Middle Eastern deli nearby and get some saffron. Another question, how much acetyl l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid do you take and how often?

so i thought i would give a little update on my experience with saffron and such.

i've found that i was finally able to sleep like a normal human being. i can go to sleep when i want, and i can sleep through the night. that's really revolutionary for me, considering that i have found myself awake at 2-3 in the morning, either for no apparent reason, or from some really stressful dream. since taking saffron, i have actually had pleasant dreams. after waking up from one (it was quite nice, me and some members of my family were relaxing in a pool), i realized how incredibly long it had been since i had a pleasant dream. so that is a big plus, plus, plus.

just so you know, i have also been taking 900mg of st johns wort. for about 5 weeks or so. st johns wort has definitely helped with mood a bit (i.e. sort of removed the hopelessness), i still didn't have the greatest sleep either. saffron has really been helping me maintain a normal sleeping pattern, and i feel in that way, it was been helping to improve the quality of my life.

one thing that i'm noticing, however, is that i can be quite sleepy during the day. i'm not fatigued. rather, i just feel really (really) relaxed. the sleepiness isn't overpowering, but it would be nice to be a little bit more alert.

so i'm thinking about lowering the dose a bit (which is pretty hard because i eyeball the dose right now, and i don't have a scale that is precise enough to measure out the small doses of saffron). i'm also thinking about adding something else to the mix... perhaps rhodiola - for that bit of pep.

in any case, i can't complain about how i've been feeling on saffron. it's quite nice not too experience the fatigue and exhaustion that insomnia can bring.

thanks again for spreading the word hafs!


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Hi Curious

Im glad your feeling better.I had the same experience as you when I introduced the fish oil and after it had got into my system.I would feel sleepy not over poweringly but slightly ,thats when i cut down the dose slightly .But I have found that overtime I am getting better and better and I think it is the combination of the three that is helping me.That's the concentrated fish oil ,the saffron and acetyl l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid.:santa:

Oh and my tinnitus is nearly non existent thats because i had a slight noise this morning for a few seconds , so im quite pleased.