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Restless legs?

Hi, I recently started taking sjw after the gp tried on repeated occasions to give me citalopram. I just can't bring myself to take them and things are getting pretty desperate here. I have never been the type of person to get low and if I did it lasted a day or so and I'd be bright as a button the next day, but about a year ago it was like something took me over inside. There is no reason for me to be depressed, it is completely out of the blue. I have changed as a person and I'm just not 'me'. If someone took some blood and told me I had a disease I would not be suprised. However, bloods are all clear.
It's very very strange.
So I'm on day four of sjw and have woken today with restless legs. There are jumping and twitching and can't keep still. If I try to relax them they prickle to the point of almost painful (but not in a pins and needles way)
Just wondering if this is one of the side effects?