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Please help severe mood swings and low tolerence of people on RR & 5HTP??


Can anyone please give me some advice? I am currently taking Rhodiola Rosea during the day and 5-htp before bedtime. I am full of energy and I have not taken a lexapro pill in over 2 weeks however I have noticed that I am very snappy.
People are really starting to get on my nerves like family friends etc. for little things that never would bother me before :(

I am fighting alot with my partner and I am telling my kids off alot more than I ever would I was usually very easy going with them!!

I was on my lexapro for from age 19-32 (on and off during different periods)

I also had noticed my libido had increased while I was weaning from the ssri and introducing the RR & 5htp however in the last 1.5 weeks it is again non-existent :(

So I am at a cross roads do I go back to my lexapro so my moods stop and still live without the sex drive....or do I stay on the supplements and wait for either my moods to relax or my family to break down??

I do not feel like I am depressed I just have a bad temper and low tolerance and I am ashamed to admit that.

Please can anyone with a similar situation share some advice it would be greatly appreciated :)
I am having the same issue, after taking SJW for more than 8 years and weaning off of it. I am angry and irritable - yelling and my husband and even getting mad at the dog! I am not myself. I believe it's withdrawals. Could you be having withdrawals from the lexapro?
Coming off St. Johns Wort or prescriptions like Lexapro can cause various problems. If taking 5 HTP almost everyone also needs to take L-Tyrosine or anxiety will get really bad. Generally the ratio is for every 50mg of 5 htp, one needs roughly 500 mg of tyrosine. This can vary substantially so it requires a lot of experimentation and note taking. Loss of sex drive is common with anything that increases serotonin levels, prescription or not. There are many past posts about 5 htp and tyrosine dosages etc that may prove worth the time to look up.

I hope you find some relief if you haven't already.
Im taking Tyrosine with 5htp but my anxiety is still there. Can anybody help? Im thinking of taking Magnolia from https://liftmode.com/calming/magnolia.html because i head that it should be very good for calimg down. Any experiences with it?

I'm not familiar with Magnolia but I can mention some things that I have heard of helping others. First, you may need to experiment more with the ratio and timing of the l-tyrosine and 5 HTP, it may simply be that you need more l-tyrosine or to take it more or less frequently etc. Also, some find it helpful to use St. John's wort along with those, usually starting with a very small dose and gradually increasing. Anxiety may also arise from an electrolyte imbalance such as magnesium. Oral magnesium supplements can lead to diarrhea so many find a dermal application to be preferable as it absorbs straight through the skin thus avoiding any digestive issues. I'll include sample links below. If you do try it, start small, (this advice goes for any new supplement) like one or two sprays and wash it off after 15 or 20 minutes.

Also some find GABA useful, starting with a SMALL dose. Meaning open the capsules and pour a tiny amount out and lick that off, letting it dissolve in your mouth to be absorbed there. This advice goes for the 5 htp and l-tyrosine too.

Something else to consider is the quality of the products you're working with. In many countries, like the U.S., supplements are practically unregulated so there's plenty of questionable products out there.





and for truly exceptional St. John's Wort, for those who don't live in places where these brands are available locally...



And now for legal stuff... I'm probably an imbecile and nothing in this post is intended as advice. I would never recommend anything to anyone at any time. Whatever you decide to do or don't do is entirely up to you. :)