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Perika vs. New Chapter SC27 vs. Serofin vs. Mood Take Care?

Just trying to compare these various brands of SJW and figure out which might be the strongest and most effective. I have pretty severe depression so for me I think the stronger the better! I've had *some* results from regular old SJW, though it doesn't completely knock out the depression by any means - takes it from about a 10 out of 10 to maybe a 5/6. I am interested in these brands as the active ingredient is different, and I'm hoping it might be more effective for me.

Which seems to be the most effective, New Chapter SC27 or Perika? I see they are both standardized to contain the hyperforins, not hypericin. There is a pretty big price difference, which is one reason I'm asking. I also see that New Chapter's Serofin and also their Mood Take Care have both the hypericin and hyperforin - have people had better results with that? or could one in theory take the SC27 *with* reg SJW to get both of those active ingredients and thus cover all the bases?

I've already checked the archives - any other suggestions or comparisons people might want to contribute would be *greatly* appreciated :) Thanks!


I think it's a case of now that you've narrowed the field down and identified the best brands (which you have - with the possible exception of Kira) you just have to go for it and see which one works best for you.

If it were me, I would try New Chapter SC27 first, because it seems to have taken over from Kira and then Perika as the 'go to first' brand over the past five years or so.

Hopefully, the SC27 will be a big improvement over your current brand. If it isn't I would try something a bit different like Kira. Kira standardidses hypericin instead of hyperforin and people often feel it has a different type of theraputic effect.

Sheephead. :smile:


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Hi Jenn,

As I mentioned in my other post, I take SC27 and it has really helped me. One thing I keep forgetting to mention when I post is that I actually take 2 brands during the day.

I take 1 SC27 pill at 10am and 1 Kira pill at 5pm -- for about 2 months now.
I was finding that although the SC27 is excellent, it would sort of "wear off" around 7-8pm. I also found that the improvement I feel with the SC27 does seem to include feeling a bit more awake and active. Kira sjw makes me feel slightly more drowsy. So I take the Kira in the evening at 5pm to combat the blues later on. All in all, this has been helpful for me to be able to keep more of the herb in my system this way. They seem to be working very well together. I just wanted to add (at the risk of rambling on...) that SC27 can give you a bit of a tummy ache. This may not happen to everyone. I have found it to last about 30 minutes after I take it. However, I have found that by taking the pill along with ginger in some form, the upset stomach completely disappears. I was using ginger candy to this effect but I don't always want to eat ginger candy in the morning, so I just purchased a bottle of ginger pills (by Eclectic Institute from iherb.com). Hope I can just take a ginger pill with the SC27 to knock out any tummy ache. Still, the benefit of this brand's help in my losing the deep depression trump the stomach discomfort, which never lasted more than 30 minutes anyway.



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I am tired of this brands

I have used Perika and Kira. None of them has worked for me. Sorry they worked but made my anxiety worse. This two brands were favorites a year ago in this forum. Lastly New chapter.... I don't think It will work for me from my experiences.
My best brand is Solgar and nobody has talked about this brand. I think everybody's brand is different. It isn't the thing hypericin or hyperforin in it. I think the whole plant(aerial part) is important.
yeah that's kind of a concern of mine... i'm not really taking anything for anxiety right now, and i'm a little worried about that. I've kinda been hoping to find something that will address both issues, but dont know if a supplement like that even exists - so right now I've made it a priority to just find something to deal with the depression, since at the moment that's the biggest issue I'm experiencing. i was considering trying SAM-E, but heard it tends to exacerbate anxiety. at least the SJW I've taken so far hasnt seemed to affect it one way or the other. I really have no idea what to expect from the SC27 as far as that goes!



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Spacing Out: Hypericin vs. Hyperforin?

Hi Jenn, Greta et al.

I was going to start a new thread, but this one seems to be veering in the direction I wanted, so here goes:

For a long time I was using whole-herb SJW, most often from Nature's Way and more recently from CVS. Both capsules claimed to contain 300 mg of standardized extract for 0.3 % hypericin.

About two weeks ago, after stumbling on this forum, I started taking Perika, which contains hyperforin. I can't say that I've noticed much change over the generic SJW.

Yesterday I decided to try an experiment--and I'm afraid it turned out badly.

After breakfast, but before I left for work, I took one of the CVS-brand capsules, broke it open, poured boiling water on it, added about 1/2 tsp. of sugar and started sipping the "tea." I had only recently ingested my Perika, along with the other vitamins and herbs in my morning mix of supplements.

The rush hit me almost immediately. The skin around my temples seemed to tighten (sort of the way I remember feeling after a good hit of cannabis, back in the 1960s when I, unlike Bill Clinton, I did inhale). The room seemed brighter, even though it was a gloomy, cloudy morning.

I felt energetic but confused. I started talking excitedly with my wife, but I had difficulty finding the right words. (This is especially scary to somebody who makes what's left of his living by writing.)

My eyes felt itchy and swollen. I looked in the mirror, and they were red and moister than usual--or was it my imagination?

When I realized how strange I was feeling, I threw out the rest of my SJW tea. I didn't ask my wife if I was acting strange, but she didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary, except that I had trouble choosing my words. Also, I actually laughed out loud at my own difficulty saying what I wanted.

I was nervous about driving the 50 miles to my office, afraid that I'd be too disoriented--but I made it safely and had an extremely productive day at the office.

Could this have been the effect of mixing two different kinds of SJW preparations (I see that you do this, Greta)?

Anyway, right now I'm trying to stick to the 3-tablets-daily routine prescribed on the Perika bottle. But I'm disappointed.

Any thoughts?



New Chapter SC27 and Perika was too stimulating for me. My depression was worse while I took these. I've never tried taking both at the same time.


I thought you dropped the Kira pill back on Jan. 29th (your post). Did you start it up again? I read that SC27 is working well for you. Great!

Blessings and emotional healing for all of us is my prayer.



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Perika mix


Thanks for your comments.

Actually I've been taking Perika for two weeks, waiting for a noticeable change. I brewed a tea of generic, "whole plant" SJW, and that's what gave me the weird reaction.

I'll wait til I finish my two bottles of Perika (one to go: 60 tablets=30 days) before passing judgement. I'm no worse off than before, just no better either and feeling very down at the moment.