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One Year on St. John?s Wort

I have suffered from depression for most of my life. Finally, I decided to seek professional help at a very low point in my life. I didn?t have the funds to consult a doctor at the time?this I was grateful for later. So, I looked on the web for natural, inexpensive treatment. Soon, I ran into the subject of St. John?s Wort and this Kelly website. I had taken St. John?s Wort capsules before for a few days or so, without effect, but now I began to consider it seriously, doing the research. I chose the Perika brand.

On the second day of taking Perika, my life changed. I got up early, went to the bathroom, washed my face, opened the curtains and turned on the lights. I felt alive! I thought of going out. Then I felt like having breakfast. All of this may seem normal to most people, but for me it was it was rare. I called it my rebirth.

Over the year, I have had difficulties with St. John?s Wort due mainly in finding the right dosage and time for me. I think this varies from person to person.
I started with the recommended 3 tabs a day. I did this for 3 weeks, and it was mostly great, but I began getting drowsy at first in the mornings and then later in the day, so I reduced it to 2 a day. Over the next 9 weeks, I eventually came down to 1 a day in the morning?I kept a record. I had tried different dosages at different times of the day. The side effects were mainly continued drowsiness, tiredness, sleepiness during the day, and affected sleep at night.

After 6 months on 1 Perika in the morning, I began to notice that I was having vivid, disturbing dreams like action movies at night. I would awake exhausted. So, I decided to try the Kira brand. I had tried it before for almost a week. The effect then was negative, mainly grogginess after sleep and less energy. Nevertheless, I decided to give it another try, Perika was not so great over time.
In 2 days to my delight, Kira was doing fine. I was still having vivid dreams, but they were not as strong. I observed too that Kira did not have a vague mental suppression that Perika had. Kira lets me retain more of my former self without the depression. However, I have yet to see the long-term effects of Kira.

I am now down to half, yes half a Kira a day after breakfast. I bought a pill splitter. I am not having the excessive dreams with half. I don?t get depressed as I did for so many years.
Recently, I thought I might be cured, so I stopped taking St. John?s Wort for 5 days. On the fifth day, I began to feel the old depression symptoms returning.

I am enjoying other benefits from using St. John?s Wort. I used to get headaches. I rarely get them now. My general health is stronger too.

I want to thank Kelly for this website. He is doing a great service to many people. Depression robs people of so much in life.