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ok, I'm a believer - at least for me

I'm about 3 weeks in and it sure seems to be doing something.
Best I can describe it is a subtle yet huge difference in the simple amount of happiness from just being alive.
I didn't realize how depressed I really was until now that I can look back and see how I was acting.
I used to pop-off at people for really no big deal, and then sulk and dwell on it for days. Now, I have all the same feelings as before - but they are somehow just more manageable.
My wife has noticed a huge difference and is happy that I actually smile a lot more now. Things that used to get me pissed off, now I almost find amusing.
I also noticed that I now have dreams again. Didn't even realize they were gone until they came back - dreams are awesome!
I can't say this will work for everyone, but so far so great for me.
Qty(3) 300mg tablets spread out across the day just as the bottle says. Brand is "Finest Natural". I picked it up at Wallgreens Pharmacy on sale - 2 bottles for the price of one.
That's interesting. I gave sjw a go, but it didn't do anything for me mood-wise... however I did notice a difference in dreams like you mentioned. I found a remembered my dreams a lot more often, and they seemed more vivid.