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not to sure on does or product

you site is great by the way but i was hoping u can help me with my problem, which is basicly, iv just started taking sjw and i wondered if u know that if this sounds like a proper product,i got it from a nature store in town, and what dose i need
the label reads


st johns wort's high potency
one tablet supplies
hypercium standardised extract 302.4mg
(providing 900mcg hypericins)

it doesnt say anything bout 0.3% which iv heard about
can you please reply to this a.s.a.p as i really need to know, and hope sjw and the support of your site will lift me out of these dark times,and set me on the road to the life i want.

Many thanks



Staff member
Hey Andy,

I replied to your e-mail with the same question. You need to take three of those a day, the amount of hypericin is the important medication ingredient. I included some calculations in the FAQ here (in the blue bar at the top of the screen) for those who want to figure it out themselves. Some companies make their labels very confusing... best of luck,