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Newb Here, could use some advice!

Hey all,

I am new to the boards and new to SJW.

Here is the jist...30 y/o dealing with depression and anxiety for about 2 months. Have a history with 3 months long depressive/anxiety episodes (had one episode 4 years ago and another 5 years ago). Other than that, pretty healthy guy here. Both the past episodes I took the 'natural' way to beat it. Which means just taking time off of work and giving myself time to feel better. I tried 5htp 3 years and it made me awful so I never took it again. I never have been on meds.

So this time, I feel everything getting slightly better but def. still have some mild/moderate depression.

I would like to try SJW this time. I bought a tincture of Nature's Answers liquid SJW. It is standardized at 300 mcg of hypericin.

Firstly I would like to ask, is this brand a good one to use?

I would like to start pretty low and see how it makes me feel. It seems like people take about three servings of the 300 mcg per day. Would one servings be enough to test it out?

Also, is there any foods I need to avoid?

Thanks so much for the forum!
Hi wortme,

Are you bi-polar? Just wondering since you have on/off episodes of anxiety/depression. Might want to talk to a doctor before trying SJW.

But, if you are still wanting to try SJW, 300mg seems to work okay for some, but typically 900mg is the standard dose I believe. If your symptoms are mild, then 300mg might be enough. It's also good to start low and build up anyway...

I'm not familiar with Nature's Answers SJW. I use Perika from Nature's Way.

What was your reaction to 5-htp? I seem to get over stimulated by it, I think....And it might cause some gastro issues. Tryptophan seems a little better for me.

There's word that SJW can interact with certain foods high in Tyramine, but some people eat all those foods with SJW without incident. So, I guess it depends. At 300mg it will probably not make a difference, but might want to avoid wine, cheese and aged meats just in case if you want to be careful. Just look it up on the Internet to see what foods are high in Tyramine.

Thanks for the reply.

I was never diagnosed with bi-polar, but I have never been to a psychiatrist. I highly doubt it though, I have only been really depressed 3 times in my life, the first time it was for a few weeks, the 2nd about 3 months and this time hit 2 months a few days ago. And in between those episodes have been many years.

I will look into the Tyramine, thanks for the tip and I will try the 300 dose and see what happens.

Thanks for the tips!