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New To Forum


I am new to forums in general, so I hope I am doing this correctly. Not sure where to start, so I try the beginning. Until this past summer I had taken SSRIs and some form of benzo drugs for 10 years. Similar to Kelly, my Dr. started me on Paxil when I experienced a crash with anxiety and depression 10 years ago. Also like Kelly I had severe problems with it after taking it for a couple of years. Also like Kelly I got off abruptly and suffered severe withdrawal. I changed Dr's and he put me on Lexapro. It worked much better, but he also kept me on the benzos. After 6 years on Lexapro he all of a sudden took me off (last summer) and within several weeks was undergoing severe withdrawal. I then went on Cymbalta which had terrible side effects. So I decided in the past year with the help of a caring physician to get off the Cymbalta and the benzo. I slowly got off the Cymbalta and then later started getting off the benzo. Long story short, it was and to some degree is still hell (benzo withdrawal). After being off the benzo for 2 months I experienced depression and anxiety that concerned me. So my Dr put me on Cymbalta, whose side effects reminded me of why I got off of it. So we tried Lexapro again. While it was a little better for some reason (no benzos this time?) the side effects are very uncomfortable. Anxiety and depression being two of them. So needless to say I am looking for alternatives but not having a lot of hope of finding it. I am taking as low a dose of the Lexapro (5 mg every other day, dr instruction) to make it more tolerable. In the meantime I have learned about 5-HTP and have started that recently. I was courious to learn about SJW and that is how I came upon this site.