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My withdrawal from SJW

SJW withdrawal

Yes, your brain has gotten used to the SJW. If you want to taper off, you will have to switch to a powder/dry form I believe. That is what I did. I used Puritan's Pride SJW because they have SJW in 150 mg capsules. You could take 1 of the gels and use powdered SJW for the other amount. I don't think you should go "cold turkey."

When I went cold turkey, one morning I woke up and I had a visual picture of a St. John's Wort flower in my mind even though I have never seen one. My body was so used to the SJW (I didn't know it then) that somehow my brain gave me a picture of it.

Best wishes,

bonjour, je prends 900 mg par jour et j'ai beaucoup de mal à sortir, tu sais comment? J'ai essayé 150 mg par semaine, mais c'est trop, je ressens beaucoup d'effet de sevrage, vous savez pourquoi