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My SJW Experience for mild to moderate depression

I just thought I would share my brief experience with St Johns Wart. I am a 37 year old male that was diagnosed 2 years ago with mild to moderate depression and the male shrink I was seeing briefly, put me on some anti psychotic medication which made me extremely tired all the time. I ended up taking it for 2-3 months and then gave up on the idea. I was thin most of my life and had put on 75 pounds in the past 10 years. That, plus a bad marriage just caused me to spin out of control. Yada yada yada. Anyway.....I decided I'd had enough and started taking 600mg's to 900mg's per day of St Johns Wart. If you're just starting it, I would try starting with 300mg's once a day. If you're okay with that, then go to 300 twice a day, then 3 times. That, plus a good vitamin B regiment and some magnesium, really improved my alertness, energy, and mood. I was feeling instantly better. If you DON'T have any nervousness or anxiety and are still lacking in energy, I might recommend about 500mg's twice a day of Acetl-L-Carnitine. But be careful. This stuff is like caffeine. It makes you very alert and gives you energy. I recently tried coming off the St Johns Wart after 2 years and found myself slipping again. So I started back on it. Amazing supplement if you ask me. I also found that the magnesium (because most Americans are magnesium
deficiant), greatly improved my mood as well. About 250mg's of magnesium once a day is a good starting point. If you're just starting it, I would try 250mg's once and see how you feel. I can take 700mg's due to me being 250ibs. Don't exceed 400mg's unless you're over 200ibs. I might suggest 400mg's once a day enough for mild depression. You can take up to 750mg's if you're over 220ibs. Just don't start with that. Oh yea and because of the mood improvements and energy increase, I have since dropped 30 pounds.



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Hello, thanks for sharing your experience, I find very interesting.
I'm new and very few people have interacted with me.
But I read all the topics and put in some comments
because I think it's nice when we know that there is someone there.
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