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my extreme reaction after taking amoryn


this is my first post to the forums here. I ordered amoryn a few weeks back and recieved it, and in the meantime had read some negative posts here regarding the genuine nature of the st johns wart potency, but I thought I have it now Ill try it anyway.

Well anyway I took it first night, maybe a little restless sleep but ok so far, then took one each morning and one each night. After it seemed to build up a few days i started to notice i started to get bad type headaches then one night at work i thought wow this is no good this is quite a bad headache and i took a few painkillers.

A day or two later I sort of had an excitable experience that just like triggered what I can only describe as a extremely painful spasm in the right side of my brain, like someone was stabbing a sharp knife in my head, very very painful, I walked around in pain, ended up taking strong pain killers and a valium just to get rid of the pain. I also stopped the amoryn thinking this was ridiculous and maybe i will take one every 48 hours or something and i will slowly adjust?

Anyway after about a week off it I felt remarkably good emotion wise, very good so I wasnt sure if this was the amoryn releasing something in my brain or something. Then last night I was rushing from outside to reach the bathroom, i really needed to go, then got there and was going and this awful pain was just triggered again, like a massiver extremely pain sharp pain in the right side of my head. I ended up walking to the local hospital because i was just scared thinking a blood vessel was going to burst or soemthing. I am going to get a brain scan tomorrow to see if theres anything wrong.

Now amoryn comprises 5 htp and I have had quite bad headahces taking this substance alone before, and from what I can remember when i briefly took st johns wort many years ago i got headaches from that so maybe these two together just nearly blew my brain away, i dont know?? but the fact that i felt good after the storm i dont know what to do to try build up extremely slow? I have ordered rhodiola roscea and going to try that, but those sharp pains in my head really scared me so im not sure what to do??
just an update for anyone interested, brain scan was ok. After reading through kellys sections I saw where he said not to mix all the ingredients like St Johns Wort, 5-HTP and Rhodiola which is what amoryn does, so Im figuring it was just too much for my brain so Im going back to trying just a St John's Wort mixture by itself, getting the blackmores brand here in Australia because it a high grade. I have also ordered the Nature's plus Rhodiola Rosea from the US in case The St Johns Wort still causes headache type problems then I will switch to Rhodiola by itself and experiment with that. Also I have been on chinese herbal medicine for a few months (for ibs and fibromyalgia/fatigue type symtpoms) so Im hoping thats not all reacting as well but I don't know. Will see how i go!


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OMG! I can't recommend the Rhodiola Rosea enough! It's saved my life. I was so exhausted a couple of weeks ago - this had been going on for months! I couldn't get up from the couch sometimes, I just needed to sleep - it was agonising! I started taking the Rhodiola and within two days I was able to keep going - some tiredness, but no sleepiness. Then a couple of days later no tiredness at all - mood better, happy, sociable and full of energy - I even got some gardening done and I'm so much more relaxed around the house - doing stuff with the kids etc.

I take 50mg 5htp at bedtime - I was on 100mg, but I've cut the dose as I noticed some palpitations and an increased BP half an hour after I'd taken it. I'm tolerating the 50mg so far.

I love the Rhodiola though! I feel that I need to get a tee shirt or something! Tell everyone about it! My friends just raise their eyebrows when I try to explain it to them..........nothing works that well does it?....or does it! :dance:
yes echelon im quite looking forward to the rhodiola since it seems promising from what ive read. One thing is will it keep working long term? How long have you been on it? What brand is it? Have you tried other options and it failed? The socialability aspect you talk about is good considering I have social phobia but this can be attributed to depression to i guess. Funny thing is day before yesterday i took two amoryn (which also contains rhodiola) plus a tremadyn for headache (a pain reliever thats also meant to raise seretonin) and yesterday I felt the best I have in years mood wise, felt really good, normal, stable, wonderful. Then last night I just took the one amoryn and today ive felt very ordinary, depressed, so Im trying to figure out if its the tramadyn that made me feel that next day or the two amoryn or what?? Well the natures plus roscea is has apparently arrived at post office just have to pick it up, will let you know.