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My experiences, by softspot +2 replies


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19 August 2003

Topic Title: My experiences

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"My experiences" , Tue 19 Aug 04:53 I have been using St Johns Wort for a while now - about a year and half! I have noticed that though I still experience the lows they are not quite as bad as they were getting. I think it has made my moods an awful lot more stable than they used to be and I am glad I started to take it. I read about the side effects with interest and I wonder now if the fatigue I have been experiencing isto do with the St Johns. I had thought it was just me being tired, but maybe not. I like the site and I would be interested in getting in touch with other sufferers. If anyone out there is interested.
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"Re(1):My experiences" , Sat 23 Aug 15:43 I have suffered from depression for my entire life. About 6 years ago my doctor put my on Northryptoline which turned me into a zombie. I stopped taking it and just dealt with the on and off depression as it came. 3 months ago I was going through a deepening depression. I saw a doctor who put me on Zoloft. I was only on it for 2 days and quit. It was awful...I had insomnia and had a buzzing, ringing sensation in my head...I felt drugged out. My wife and I researched St. John's Wort and ended up buying Perika from Nature's Way. It has 3% Hyperforin. Recommended dosage is 900mg per day. I am taking 1800 and it has made a world of difference in my attitude. I am no longer negative and that downward spiral feeling I used to get is gone. Perika has been absolutely life saving for me. I highly recommend it. That is why my username is PERIKA...and no side effects!

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"Re(1):My experiences" , Wed 20 Aug 13:17: My fatigue is really fading. I think my body is having a healing crisis. Though I do feel better than I have in a long long time. I'd say I haven't felt this good in 7 or 8 years. This is at least half due to the asthma relief though.

I'm happy to corespond here on the boards with you. What brand SJW do you use?

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