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Mistakes cost me


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I have used Spring Valley SJW off and on for a few years with somewhat mild results.

The brand I used was always the same - Spring Valley.

Well, a week ago I realized I have been making a HUGE mistake!! The directions say that each serving provides 300mg..etc so I take 3 capsules, right?

It just so happens that each serving consists of 2 freaking capsules!!! I have been taking one half the recommended dosage!

About a week ago I upped my dosage to 6 capsules which are equal to 3 servings each of 300mg.

The difference is like night and day. The first day I was a bit drowsey. The second day I started to feel much better..more calm....less depressed!!!

I've had depression since childhood varying from moderate to severe. That's about 40 years of depression. I don't remember a time that I felt happy for more than a week at a time.

I've taken many different anti-depressants with inconsistant results. They all made me tired and/or drowsey.

One shrink's advice was to 'think positive thoughts'. Amazing.

I have missed so many opportunities in life because of my illness, it's not even funny.

All I can say is that I have tried to gut it out but my desire to live sometimes gets pretty shakey.

I certainly hope that this increased dosage of SJW will offer me some respite from a terrible condition.


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I'm sure you're disappointed that you didn't notice this sooner, but great news none the less. Now you have HOPE ... hope for healing, hope for a future, hope for tomorrow.

My experience has been much like yours ... 30 years of soldiering through each day. Existing, not living. But the SJW has helped and I finally feel better.

Sounds like you're getting immediate improvement. That's great. Give it six weeks for the full effect to kick in. I can't wait to hear how your life has improved and how you are beginning to enjoy life. Please keep us posted.


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Thanks, Shy. Heck, if I just stay the same as I feel now I can handle that. I don't feel happy but I don't feel down, either. Big improvement. Just a tiny bit drowsey.
Hi Dman: I too am on Spring Valley but not quite as long as you (only 10 months). I've had some up and downs--down mostly when I tried HBC Protocol for a more "potent" brand and got very ,very edgy to say the least from all of the hyperforin in that brand. Lately though it (Spring Valley) seems to be losng its potency as I'm back to "self medicating" with alcohol for the past week which I know is not good for me at all. I'm contemplating dropping the dosage to 2 tablets( incidentally my tablets are 300 mg. each -purchased at WalMart) which I know has helped some others when they start to feel numb to the effects of SJW or on the other end of the spectrum upping the dosage a bit. Anything has to be better than drinking myself to death....I'll let you all know how things progress. Best of luck to you!


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Lady Raven,

I am interested in your results. Based on what I've read it seems that SJW's effects peak and then diminish at some point. Now that I have begun to heal I am concerned about this phase.

I'm wondering what the warning signs are that SJW is no longer working? Is is true as Kelly sez that reducing the dose actually helps? Does this really recharge the healing process.

I realize you don't have all the answers but this seems an appropriate place to ask the questions. Arghhh ... the curse of being a planner ... I always seem to be planning for things that may or may not happen.

Any way, please keep me posted. I truly appreciate any insight you can offer.


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I keep feeling progress. I'm very stable now and just purchased a very expensive box of SAM-e.

After so many years I have hope. I certainly hope the positive effects of won't diminish with time.


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That's great news! Glad to hear you're healing. I'm only 60+ days in now but what a difference SJW has made in my life too.

You're having such great results so I'm curious ... why SAMe?


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I want a bit more. Everything I've read indicates that SAMe can give me a bit of an edge and can make me feel better. I'm starting out with 2-200mg capsules.

Last night I didn't take the SJW before going to bed. Wow! What a difference! I got up refreshed. It seems that SJW was making me sleep a bit too well.
Lowering the dosage

Hi Shy1

I know that Kelly has written in the information part that when SJW looses its edge after long time use, the thing to do was to lower the dose. You will have to look through the information section for sure, as I am not too good at details, but am quite sure that was the case.
Freedom Figther
Found it

Hi again
Kelly's written about what I believe you are worrying about under "information", go to where the capitone is: "one way to stop taking it". Think that will be of help.