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merged forums together


Staff member
Previously there were four or five different forums, including separate ones for 5-HTP, Rhodiola, CEBT Therapy, and others. I merged them all together into this one, keeping all the messages intact. The search feature in this forum makes it easy to find specific topics, and I wanted to simplify things down to a single forum.

I think simpler is better, especially after all the problems we had with the previous forum software that caused most people to abandon the forum. For example, in some cases the old forum software wouldn't even let anyone login, due to a software bug... so people probably got upset and left. I hope some or most come back. I regret all the changes I made to the site especially upgrading to vBulletin 5, which is poorly-written commercial software that never worked properly and had bugs they knew about and left inside for years and years.

Do you like how I made this part of the forum simpler? Let me know below.

I'm planning to merge together other parts of the forum too, so there will be fewer places to check for new messages. Longer discussion threads, including very long ones, are totally fine now.