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L-tryptopan, anyone tried?

Discussion in '5-HTP, CBD, CEBT Therapy, SAM-e, Rhodiola, books' started by Paulette, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Paulette

    Paulette Regular Member

    Has anyone had good luck with Tryptophan vs. 5-HTP?
    For anxiety and depression?

    I have been reading that Tryptophan needs severeal jumps in being finally utilized in the brain too.

    That being: B-6 and a little glucose for conversion.

    Please, any help, expericiece would be so appreciative. 5-HTP just isn't working for me well now.

  2. Spunt

    Spunt Regular Member

    When you say 5 HTP just isn't working well for you now I wonder if your situation is due more to needing to bring in l-tyrosine. Most people don't do well with 5 HTP alone for more than a few weeks. If that's the case you may find it more beneficial to continue with 5 htp and l-tyrosine than to switch to l-tryptophan which will still cause balance issues if you don't take something to bring up the catecholamines. How much 5 HTP are you taking and what times of day do you take it? Are you taking anything else? :)
  3. Paulette

    Paulette Regular Member

    I have been taking 20 to 50 and a few times 100 mg., but mostly 50, Natrol orally. So Tyrosine needs to supplement this?
    Why is that? And how much. Did you do this. . . . same experience?

  4. Spunt

    Spunt Regular Member


    Just in case you don't see my post in the other topic I'll copy it here and add a bit...

    A person will feel anxiety when epinephrine, and it's friends in the catecholamine category, are low just as they would if it is too high. It's all about balance. When a person takes 5 HTP alone eventually things get pushed too far out of balance. The serotonin levels go up and the catecholamines stay low. Eventually the gap gets to far and things like panic attacks and general anxiety become more likely.

    I am speaking from direct experience. I took 5 HTP only for about 6 weeks or so and then along came panic attacks and other issues. I eased in, and I mean EASED :), tyrosine and the panic attacks and anxiety got better. It takes trial and error for sure. I open the capsule and pour a small amount in my hand and then lick it off. I do this every few hours based on how I feel. In a typical 24 hour period I might take 250 mg of Tyrosine and 40 mg of 5 HTP. Mind you that amount is not all at once. A typical single dose is about 8 mg of 5 HTP and roughly 50mg of tyrosine.

    I'm sorry for the delay. Between my work computer, home computer and tablet I lose track of email sometimes. :lookaround:
  5. orlando

    orlando Regular Member

    Actually yes. I've tried both 5-htp and L-Tryptophan. 5-htp just made me feel weird and wired for 24 hours after I took it. It did not effect my anxiety and made my depression worse. Saying that, I gave the rest of the pills to a friend who found they make her feel "happy".

    Now L-Tryptophan was something else entirely. It effectively and completely eased my anxiety and somewhat lifted my depression. It effects lasted for 24-48 hours (per 500 mg pill dosage). I need to take it in the morning or it caused slight insomnia (which all seretogenic medicine does for me).

    So for me L-Tryptophan worked much better than 5-htp.
  6. Soccer Dude

    Soccer Dude Regular Member

    I've taken both. 5-HTP seems to make me too stimulated. My ND said to take it with Tyrosine and it shouldn't be a problem. It might have helped, but I think tyrosine is too stimulating to me, at least at higher doses which they had me on.... But it is about balance. I can take Tryptophan without feeling stimulated. But, some times when I take higher doses let's say before bed, like 2-4grams, (I have insomnia) I get little brain like zaps which are not too bothersome just strange. They don't last long. Then I get a funny butterfly feeling in my stomach like a panic attack but it goes away....So, not sure what that is all about. But if I take 500mg or 1000mg I seem fine......And some times I feel really good after taking it now that I'm on SJW (4 weeks in). From what I've read from other people on here that I should probably take some tyrosine or l-phenylalanine to balance things out.....

    I have read from The Way Up web site, that the doctor on there recommends taking B6 with Tryptophan. Actually I think she suggests B6 with any amino acid. But, I think the trick is to take B6 in the morning before taking any amino's so that they don't convert in the blood but in the brain....Also, I believe it helps Tryptophan to convert to 5-HTP then to Serotonin, rather than into other metabolites (just quoting another site). Tryptophan can also convert to Niacin. So, if you take a little niacin, it could help push the conversion more to 5-htp/serotonin (just quoting another site). Doctor's Best and I think at least one other brand offer Tryptophan with B6 and Niacin together. One thing about niacin, if you are under-methylated (high histamine) then niacin at least at higher doses can make you feel worse as it will burn up methyl donors like TMG, SAM-e etc.... (there's a whole other world/science when it comes to the methylation cycle and what supplements help or make you feel worse depending on whether or not you are under or over methlyated and/or if you have gene defects that cause hiccups in the methlyation cycle). I know of two good sites (by doctors) that talk about the methylation cycle...I might post those links on here some time.

    Soccer Dude

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