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Kava Kava for anxiety


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Hello. I've been on Perika 900mg/day for 7 months. It has helped my moderate depression tremendously. I just wanted to let those with situational anxiety know that Kava Kava worked great for me today. I get very anxious when I walk into a doctor's office (no good reason, just an irrational fear or phobia in my case). Today I took 225 mg. Kava (Gaia herbs) 1.5 hours before my appointment. Normally I have terrible facial flushing and a nervous neck rash. Today there was no flushing or neck rash. I just felt calm. Wonderful!! I suspect this would work well for me also in an interview situation or at a party. Otherwise, I generally don't have anxiety that interferes with my life and don't want to take this daily (liver issues?). By the way, I also take a B complex with my St John's every day, and I believe that the combo has greatly increased my energy.
I was so elated with the results that I just had to share. Blessings to you!



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Hi Cat,

Just thought I'd say welcome to the forum and thanks for posting about your experiences. Cheers,