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just bought some sjw and reading, A LOT

Ive always felt like eeore, years
Pooh: Have you ever had one of those days when you just can't win, Eeyore?
Eeyore: Yup, I know how that feels.
Been reading up on depression and Distymia in general. Just started a new job, whole new line of work, after 7 years at my old one. That also means no insurance and no doctor for a bit. A lot of bad luck has hit my immediate family and a few good friends, all at once, this fall. Tequila and bourbon were only temporary fixes, and didn't last.
I feel I've been sinking deeper into the dark pit as time goes on. I read about SJW today and have to give it a try. I really hope it at least gets me through til the insurance kicks in and I can talk to a doctor about it.