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Itching with sje

I just started sje 1 week ago. I have had terrible itching- no rash- on my feet and hands. I will try another brand, bought rite aid pharmacy brand. I took Benedetto and this seems to help.anyone else had this? I am hoping sje helps tried depression mess but no luck. I have been taking a lot of vitamin d3 it is linked to depression, switched to decaf coffee as there are some sites that say caffeine users may have more depression, and taking1500 mg of krill oil found sites that say it can also help with depression. I tried same seemed to work but most brands you buy in store cause bad stomach upset,I found 2 online that didn't but it's expensive. I also have chronic back pain and take mess and found my back was way worse so I stopped same. Hope sje works for all of us and am grateful for the help this site provides! Good luck to all!