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Is SJW a sunlight potency enhancer?

This is a bit of a thinking game, more than a real intellectual question. So don't think of me too much of a stupid person :) It's simply my brains' pattern matching ability that always seems to take the upper hand.

So this is my most recent theory:

- Many people get depressed during winter due to lack of sunlight.
- SJW helps to relieve this depression
- People taking SJW are more prone to sunburn.

Conclusion: SJW is a substance that causes the body to make more efficient use of sunlight.

Question, for the intelligent and/or informed people: how much sense does the reasoning above make?

Despite this seeming a rather silly question, I would appreciate your insightful comments on this idea. I am especially interested in the role of sunlight on feeling good.

Eh you were just thinking outside of the box but no it doesn't work that way. SJW contains a chemical called hyperforin which promotes the production of serotonin (a chemical in you brain which controls emotion). But it also does make you photosensitive, probably not the reason why it helps depression though.