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Introducing myself

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself anonymously' started by jstAjem, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. jstAjem

    jstAjem New Member

    Hi, I'm Jenn, I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, it run very heavy in my family. I've been on prescription anti-depressants, all sorts for a long time. A couple years ago, I scared myself, because I wanted to slit my wrists and had a knife in my hand. I decided then to come off the prescriptions. I've been doing really well until recently. I don't know what's changed but I am not handling life well at all. I'm glad I found this because I'm so scared to try prescriptions again, and have taken St John's but didn't know I needed to take so long for it to work. Dumb on my part. Thank you for the information that is here, it's helped me want to start taking it and really seeing if it will work for me. =)
  2. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jenn and welcome to the forum! Thanks for taking the time to register & post. Many people find St. John's Wort starts working pretty quickly but not everyone, which is why it's good to wait at least a few weeks. I hope it works well for you. Feel free to ask questions anytime.
  3. Sinceplued

    Sinceplued New Member

    Hello everybody i am Elizabeth Fomina, i i am new here i join your community recenly and have pleasure to read your oppinions and will share soon mine too! been on abilify but it didn't worked so now i'm on john's wort.Hope will have fun here have a good day!
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
  4. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Elizabeth and welcome!!

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