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I'm (NOT!) going to shut down this site... :(


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Hi Kelly

Thank you so much for keeping the site going.

I found your site a few years back during a difficult time and it was such a valuable resource to me in learning about sjw. The information here helped give me confidence to give sjw a try and the difference it made to me at that time was a godsend. I stayed on sjw for about 18 months until I felt ready to cope without it again. And i felt reassured, too, to know i could turn to sjw, and to your site, if I ever needed to again in the future.

Once more I'm having a difficult time and am struggling with depression so I decided to return for "a refresher", as it were. I feared the site might have gone so was delighted that it hasn't....then disappointed initially when I read your April comment that you would be shutting it down...then glad and relieved to read you've decided to keep it going.

As it happens, I work in the field of mental health and have pointed a few patients in the direction of your site as well as one colleague who was also struggling with depression and thinking of giving sjw a try.

So you have my very deepest thanks, Kelly....for all the research and work you put into establishing this site in the first place and for continuing to maintain it now. It's such a hugely valuable resource and I haven't found anywhere else online with such thorough information gathered in one place like this. It's clear you've made a difference in many people's lives with this site, including mine.

With very best wishes