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I'm (NOT!) going to shut down this site... :(


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Sadly after 20+ years I think I'll need to shut down this site. Few people use the forum anymore and there's a constant barrage of spammers.

If anyone is interested in taking over the website and forum please email me. I'd like to hand it over to someone who truly cares about people and wants to further the many years of work that I've invested here. I guess the world (or at least the Internet) has changed enough that people don't need sites like mine anymore. When I started in 1997 there was hardly any information about St. John's Wort, but that's changed significantly since there.

Thank-you to everyone who has contributed over the years. You will be missed. I'll leave this message up for a few months in the hopes that I find someone to continue on with the site, and if not, everything will disappear. :(

Hi there kelly.
I've just started using SJW and your site is a valuable resource,no matter how many members are active or not.I suggest you reconsider your stance on the matter and keep this forum alive.I hope it's not a moneywise matter that stands behind your train of thought.
Keep up the good work.
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Thanks for the reply. It's not a money issue at all, and not a technical issue either. I just want the forum to be used and be helpful to people out there. I can't reply to every message and it's tough to see people ask questions here and go for days, or weeks, or longer, without a response...
Although no one answered my post, the archive of posts here is incredible and encouraging. I still don't think that those living in the US have enough access to good info about SJW. Please preserve that, at least. I can see that the spam is bad on the main page, and not sure how to block it - can XenForo help?


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I think I got most of the spam on the main page removed now - if you find more, just flag it and I'll keep deleting. And I upgraded to XenForo 2 this week to tighten the spam controls, there are 542 attempted spam messages in the queue that didn't make it to the forum. :)
Phew, nice! I'd consider taking over but I am spread a little thin at the moment - do let me know, though, before you decide to shut down if no one else offers.


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I'll keep it going as long as there's interest, and ideally I can find someone to help run the site and keep it more active.
Your site has sorted me last week- I write this to encourage you; the archived forum posts were enlightening...briefly, I've used SJW for 3 years and found very useful, but have lost sexdrive over time and ED has driven me to despair over the last 6 months. I tried lots of herbals, but never researched SJW as a contributor. Found YOUR site and found at least two very significant discussions. I had trawled all over the web with no result. Those two postings gave me a thread of hope now I have a recipe for using SJW at a frequency that allows my wife and I to enjoy our bodies again!

The stored messages revealed that high doses of SJW can result in Erectile Dysfunction. Dropped for 3 days in favour of SAM-e 200mg twice a day = ED gone. Back on SJW the rest of the week.
Hi Kelly! I appreciate this site so much. I have been coming back for years to gather valuable info and to review. It has served me greatly and I hope you choose to keep it up. Much love.
I just started SJW, signed up for this forum and highly recommend your main site as well as this forum to anyone considering SJW and are having questions and needing valuable information. I read the postings and it seems like a lot of the members would like for this site to continue as it has become an important resource and will continue to be in the future.
I apologize coco31 but I don’t understand or speak French. I appreciate your response though. I wish I could understand what you posted.


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Thanks everyone for your nice words, I appreciate it. That's what I needed to hear too. Okay, you've got it, I'll keep it going.

And if anyone sees weird things on the forum like spam just hit the "Report" button on the bottom of that post, it flags it for me and sends me an email, making it easier to delete quickly.
Thank you so much for continuing to keep this site up Kelly! It saved me years ago and I still come back from time to time to research for myself or others.

We've never met, but you are awesome :D

I recently wondered how your site was doing. I used to be here all the time. I've been off of it for several years now because, well, things got better. Much, much better.....and have stayed that way for longer then I was originally depressed.

Standard anti-depressants were not for me, far too many side-effects. SJW was the help I needed during the rough 'hopeless' beginning...I was on it for years. After about 2 weeks, I was able to sleep again, which at that point was a miracle. I also benefitted greatly with Magnesium (Citrate and Glycinate). After getting over the 'will I have to rely on this forever' phase, it became quite normal.

I started at the 300mg/3x day (900mg total) and after some time required only 300mg/day. Each time I felt I was getting a bit overstimulated (which was rare) within an hour of taking it, I felt it was time to try and reduce. Worked well.

I no longer take the SJW, as I no longer need it. I've learn a lot over the past decade. What you eat being the most important, processed food (obviously) and certain 'healthy' foods are creating chronic inflammationm in your body and in your brain. Overtime becomes unsustainable, and your mood, energy, everything goes downhill.

Food CAN make you ill - and food CAN keep you healthy. Everyone should find what works for them. I recommend an elimination diet. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes. Will people wonder what the hell you're doing? Who cares. Will you benefit? I personally have no doubt. Food isn't just for flavour, it's literally what you're built from. High-Lectin food were key for me. What a damn change. I still love supplements but they are a choice now.

Anyway, enough of me. Thank You Kelly. You've helped many people. I hope you know/feel that, what you've created has done good.
Massive thanks.

I hope you're well!!
Best, RH
Hi Kelly
I do not know you.
But I would like to thank you for your website. It helped me find the product that was taken from the market, in Denmark and that helped me. :)