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Shoot I was hoping someone would've responded to that question. I've done most of the entheogens except Iboga. It's illegal here but I believe it's legal in Canadian and European clinics. Just thought I'd mention that I read about Daniel Pinchbeck's experiences with it in one of his two books, can't remember which one now off-hand though, it was either Breaking Open the Head or 2012 the Return of Quetzalcoatl, fascinating stuff, supposedly it has great healing potential from what I've read, especially to cure bad habits/addictions, etc. :flower2:
It's supposed to reset your brain so rid a person of depression/anxiety/addiction permanently. It's legal to use and possess in the UK and Canada and a lot of other countries, but not the USA. It has some similarities with LSD this is probably why. Ibogaine is generally considered to be non-recreational and as having a low abuse potential. It's used by some registered medical doctors in specialist clinics.